Trump gave the Finance Ministry the authority to impose sanctions against the Turkish government (PHOTO)

The President of the United States Donald trump gave the U.S. Treasury a “new and very significant powers in the issue of sanctions” against the Turkish government, reports TASS with reference to the statement for journalists by the Minister of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin in the White house.

According to him, trump “has provided the Ministry of Finance a new and very significant powers in the matter of imposition of sanctions against any person associated with the government of Turkey”. Appropriate restrictions will be introduced on the basis of consultations between the President, the Secretary of state and the Minister of Finance.

Mnuchin caveat that if trump had not yet signed the decree, it definitely will sign during the day. “At the moment we do not impose sanctions [under the decree], – the Minister noted. – We are not driven sanctions.”

“On the orders of President trump, we will, as necessary, to impose sanctions against individuals and organizations in Turkey, he added Mnuchin. Is a warning to banks and other parties to be prepared for possible measures.”

“The President is concerned about the continuing military operation and the fact that it may affect civilians and civilian infrastructure, as well as ethnic and religious minorities. It is essential that Turkey did not allow escape not a single country in the world (banned in Russia as extremist grouping “Islamic state”),” – said the head of the Finance Department.

As reported in the press service of the Ministry of Finance, the decree aims to “dissuade Turkey from further military offensives in the North-East of Syria, including, but not limited to actions that undermine the ongoing anti-terrorist activity of SDS (armed coalition “Forces of democratic Syria” )”.

The President will also allow the Finance Ministry to impose sanctions against “individuals and legal entities of the government of Turkey who are involved in human rights violations or actions that further undermine peace, security and stability in North-East Syria.”

In addition, the new powers allow the Minister of Finance to impose restrictions in respect of “a person who knowingly do business” with the people already there were restrictions in the framework of this decree.
American sanctions against Turkey can be a very effective and crush the Turkish economy, said Steven Mnuchin. “This is a very powerful sanctions. I hope we don’t have to use them, he said. But we can crush the Turkish economy, if required.”

“Ongoing difficult military situation, it is being discussed, the Minister said, answering a question as a possible restriction can help US allies. – I believe the President holds special discussion, as the Ministry of defence. This is the path that guarantees the provision of humanitarian Affairs and the protection of people on earth.”

Mnuchin did not agree with the opinion that the previous actions of Washington are not perceived properly by Ankara.”I do not agree. Can’t comment on confidential discussions at various levels”, – he answered the question of why this time Turkey, according to the United States should change the behavior because of the threat of sanctions.

We will remind, on 9 October Ankara declared carrying out in the North of Syria “operation peace,” which began with air strikes by the air force on the positions of Kurdish groups. The goal is to establish a buffer zone, which should become a protective belt for the Turkish border where Ankara believes, will be able to return from Turkey to the Syrian refugees. Syrian state news Agency SANA called the operation aggression, the international community has condemned the actions of Ankara.