Trump has accused Twitter of infringing upon freedom of speech for tweet marking his mark on desinformaci

U.S. President Donald trump has accused Twitter of meddling in the presidential campaign after the message has been marked with the arrow on the audit of the statements of the President. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Трамп обвинил Twitter в ущемлении свободы слова за обозначение его твита меткой о дезиформации

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“Twitter is completely suppresses freedom of speech, and as President I will not allow that to happen,” wrote trump.

The mark in the form of a blue exclamation point with reference to alternative information Twitter puts in the messages, which the company believes may contain false statements.

Mark got the message of the President of trump in which he wrote that the use of mail ballots in the election is “fraud”, and it will lead to “rigged elections”.

Trump in this regard, noted in a tweet the Governor of the state of California, although postal voting is carried out not only there.

The question of broader use of voting by mail in USA has risen in particular in connection with the epidemic COVID-19 and the desire of many Americans to avoid crowded places such as polling stations.

The link you Twitter attached to the message of the President, invites readers to “get the facts about mail bulletman” and leads to a page with articles on this subject, which gathered employees of Twitter.

“Trump wrongly claims that postal ballots will lead to fraud,” proclaims the first header collection, and then there is the unit “what you should know”, which denied the allegations in a tweet to the President.

The head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump brad Parkel also criticized Twitter, stating that the mark and provides links to, according to Parcel, “biased fake news is a smoke screen to cover up the obvious political tactics of Twitter.”

Twitter has confirmed that for the first time marked the message of the President clause, fulfilling the promise of the company to deal with misinformation.

First, Twitter announced that it will focus on countering false or contradictory information on COVID-19, and then will cover other topics.

Twitter and Facebook and other social media have been a long time under the pressure of appeals to oppose the misinformation disseminated on the Internet.

Critics accuse the Internet giant that they actually become media, but don’t want to take responsibility for the fact that social media is spreading outright false information and attempt to manipulate people.

According to reports Donald trump in Twitter follow more than 80 million subscribers, and the President is actively using this network to spread their ideas.


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