Trump has drastically reduced the cost of insulin for older Americans

May 26, the White house announced that in 2021, seniors with diabetes can sign up for Medicare plans that limit their insurance co-payment (co-payment) for the insulin of the sum of $35 a month, writes NPR.

Трамп резко снизил стоимость инсулина для пожилых американцев

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This news comes after some polls showed that trump was losing the support of the elderly — the electoral bloc, can play a decisive role in the November elections. In 2016, trump won among voters older, but recent surveys have shown that it is inferior in this group to his opponent Democrat Joe Biden.

New options reduce the cost of insulin is the result of an agreement reached by the administration of the tramp with the producers of insulin and major insurance companies.

“It’s a big day for older people”, — the President said trump in his speech in the Rose garden, where he took the opportunity to make a few direct attacks in the direction of Biden’s health issues.

“We all gathered round the table — insurers, producers and other key players — and reached an agreement to deliver insulin at a stable and dramatically lower price for our elderly. I hope people will remember this because Biden has us stumped, because they don’t know what you’re doing,” said trump.

Trump has long promised to take steps to reduce the cost of drugs, prescription, but could not find common ground with Congress on this issue. Last year the Democrats took in the House of representatives a bill under which the government will negotiate prices for expensive medications tied to spending in other countries.

Some Senate Republicans have supported a more modest plan for reducing prescription costs for Medicare services, but other members of the party trump oppose intervention in the market.

According to the White house more than 3 million people in Medicare use insulin to control diabetes.

Seema Verma, who heads the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said that plans to limit the cost of insulin will have more expensive insurance premiums — about $ 17 a month more than the average cost of the basic plans.

“In exchange for a minimal increase in premiums people receive the maximum fixed fee of $ 35 for a one-month supply of insulin,” said Verma. According to her, in the end, seniors will save about 56%, or $446 per year on the cost of insulin, adds the New York Times. In the words of White house counsel of Kellyann Conway new plan by 66% reduce operating costs.

Verma said that if the agreement to limit the cost of insulin would be successful, the administration will try to do the same with other expensive medicines.


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