Trump has given ‘official status’ in the case of Biden – accusing them of fraud and recommended that Ukraine and China to investigate their case (PHOTOS)

Трамп придал 'официальный статус' делу Байденов - обвинил их в махинациях и рекомендовал Украине и Китаю расследовать их дело (ФОТО)

The US President Donald trump has openly called on Ukraine and China to conduct a full investigation of the son of his opponent in the upcoming presidential election, former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden. Ignoring the beginning of procedure of impeachment, which the House of representatives launched because of secret pressure trump to Ukraine to investigate the activities of Biden, the US President decided to make this thing “official”.

Thursday, October 3, speaking to reporters on the South lawn of the White house, trump has made it clear that Ukraine and China have not been completely honest, otherwise they would have launched “a serious investigation for both Biden”.

“This is a very simple answer. They need to conduct an investigation against Biden,” – said trump. “I would say that the President Zelensky, if I were in his place, I would recommend him to begin an investigation against Biden because no one has any doubt that it was a fraudulent scheme, one hundred percent”, – said the President of the United States. “They got rid of the Prosecutor, which was very tough (former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin, investigate the activities of hunter Biden – approx. ed.) they got rid of him, and now trying to make it look different, but they got rid of him. So, if I were the President of Ukraine, I would absolutely recommend to do so,” said trump, adding that China “has already begun” such an investigation. No details about the investigation in China he had not.

Trump assured reporters that the family of the Biden “has been fraud” in these two countries. “It is because China is cooperating with such people as Biden, they have for many years, there is a great deal, with which China is robbing US”, – said the American President.

Thus, trump has openly said everything what was requested in a telephone conversation from President Vladimir Zelensky, but now, not promising to Kiev instead of 250 million dollars in financial and military aid.

Hunter Biden – the son of a rival trump in the presidential election of 2020, ex-Vice-President Joseph Biden – was part of the Board of Directors of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. And his father was the Vice President in charge of U.S.-Ukrainian relations.

The situation around Burisma Group was in the spotlight after a telephone conversation of the presidents of the USA and Ukraine Donald trump and Vladimir Zelensky, which an unnamed us intelligence official complained to the management. Was published the transcript of a telephone conversation, and then the complaint itself. The transcript confirmed that the trump was asked Zelensky to investigate the circumstances of the dismissal of former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin, investigate the activities of Burisma Group and the work of hunter Biden.

Amid this scandal the attention of the American media have again brought the trip Biden in December 2013 in China. It was suggested that the Vice President’s son used his official visit to personal business interests.

Lawyer trump published TEXTS from the retired Kurt Volker

The lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani today released SMS-correspondence with retired after the scandal with a call by the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine with Kurt Volker.

From the point of view of Giuliani, the correspondence indicates that they clarify the circumstances of the activities of the son of the former Vice-President Joseph Biden to Ukraine does not run counter to the work of the state Department.

“It demonstrates that I immediately went to meet them. They scarcely tried to control me for what I supposedly hindered them to perform their tasks. In fact, I rather helped them”, – wrote in his Twitter Giuliani. He expressed confidence that the Democrats in the U.S. Congress and a leading American media will not be able to pervert the meaning of SMS correspondence, which also featured the assistant of the Ukrainian President Andrey Ermak.

“Volker should not have to turn into a scapegoat. It set out the message of the second emissary of the state Department, which is aware of the situation and, like Kurt, asking me to do this. They (Walker and the second representative of the state Department) did nothing wrong,” added Giuliani.

One of the SMS messages dated 7 August 2019, it is talking about contacts with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and plans of the lawyer trump with the permanent US representative to the EU, Gordon Sandland in new York or Washington, reports TASS.

In SMS-correspondence Walker repeatedly thanked Giuliani, wished him the best and does not raise any claims. Both call each other by name.

The names of Walker and Sandland appear in the complaint, U.S. intelligence officer, who reported to his superiors about the call of trump. According to this informant, Volker and Sandland met with Zelensky after his conversation with trump, to give him and other officials of the country guidelines for investigation associated with the son of Biden’s Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

As regards the procedure of impeachment initiated by the Democrats in Congress, after suspicions that the President’s personal political ends sought by the Ukrainian leadership of the investigation against Biden, then it is not clear not only the White house but also by members of the house of representatives.

Today Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi with a request to suspend the procedure and to clarify the further course of the process. McCarthy demanded to establish a “transparent and fair rules and procedures to regulate investigations, as is customary”.