Trump has mobilized troops to end the unrest in the country

The US President Donald trump on Monday, June 1, enacted the 1807 act, allowing him to send armed forces to the United States, shaken by riots in connection with the death of George Floyd. During the President’s speech was interrupted by protesters at the White house. This writes the New York Post.

Трамп мобилизовал войска, чтобы положить конец беспорядкам в стране

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“We can’t prevent the angry crowd drowned out the cries of the righteous peaceful demonstrators,” said trump, declaring himself “President of the rule of law”, he also accused extremist groups such as Antifa, the riots.

“I mobilize all available Federal resources, civilian and military, to stop the riots and looting, to put an end to destruction,” he said, thereby bringing into force the Law on rebellion of 1807, which allows him to deploy troops in any part of the country.

Last time it was used in 1992 by President George Bush, to quell the riots in Los Angeles that was caused by the beating of Rodney king.

“If the city or state refuses to take action necessary to protect the lives and property of their residents, then I will send the United States military and quickly solve the problem,” said trump.

In accordance with the Law of Posse Comitatus of the era of the civil war, Federal troops are prohibited to carry out state enforcement actions such as arrest, seizure of property or search of people. In extreme cases, however, the President may introduce the Act of rebellion that allows to use the army current services or of the National guard for law enforcement.

Trump called the scene of violent riots and looting that shook the country, “a complete disgrace” and said that anyone who does not comply with the orders of curfew, will be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

“I take this action today to reaffirm the resolve and sincere and passionate love for our country, our great days are still ahead,” he said, when the streets around the White house were unfolding chaos.

After his speech, trump came through the front gate of the White house through Lafayette Park and went to the historical Episcopal Church of St. John in Washington which was partly destroyed by fire, kindled by the rebels on Sunday, 31 may evening.

U.S. attorney General William Barr, the head of the Department of defense mark Esper and chief of staff mark meadows was among the high-ranking officials with trump, who posed for pictures near the Church, holding the Bible.

President trump criticized state governors for their response to the crisis — calling them “weak” and telling them that they need to take control of the riots.

That was in 1992

May 1, 1992, Bush sent 4,000 troops of the army and marine corps in the South-Central part of Los Angeles to put an end to two days of riots in which 40 people died, more than 1,500 wounded, more than 3,700 fires and more than 3,000 arrests.

The day Bush addressed the nation, saying that the violence in Los Angeles “is not about civil rights” or “great equality”, and “the brutality of the mob, pure and simple.” He said he “will do everything” to restore order.

This rebellion occurred after March 3, 1991, four white police officers from Los Angeles who were captured on video beating African-American, they were acquitted by a jury. Bush said he was also “stunned” by the verdict.

In 1993, a Federal jury found Stacy Kuhn and Laurence Powell, two of the four officers guilty of violating king’s civil rights. They both served 30 months in prison and has not returned to the police. Two other officers, Timothy wind and Theodore Briseno, was fired from the LAPD.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • The protest was held in memory of George Floyd, the African-American from Minneapolis, who died after a police officer Minneapolis strangled him with his knee. Officer Derek Chauvin was fired and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter; three other officers also lost their jobs. Protests and riots subsequently broke out in Minneapolis and across the country.
  • The Governor of Minnesota said that the protests in connection with the death of an African-American George Floyd, covering dozens of cities in the United States, not connected with the murder, and provoked the visiting radicals.
  • Protests in Minneapolis have increased dramatically in the evening of 27 may, when the Metropolitan police have applied the response to looted and burned shops in the town, and shooting fatalities in the protest.
  • May 31, drove a truck into a crowd of protesters in Minneapolis (mn). Driving a car was a US citizen, supposedly of Ukrainian origin, Bogdan Vechirko.
  • About 40 cities, including Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit and Philadelphia, have banned street demonstrations after dark. The governors of Texas and Virginia declared a state of emergency.
  • In connection with the protests in cities across the US embassies of Ukraine and Russia has asked its citizens living on the territory of the state to maintain order and to avoid crowds and to comply with security measures.



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