Trump has promised to declassify another conversation with Zelensky

Трамп пообещал рассекретить еще один разговор с Зеленским

The American leader Donald trump is ready to publish the transcript of one conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. The conversation took place on 21 April, the day of the second round of elections in Ukraine. The US President sees no problem in publishing the transcript of the conversation, if it helps to remove the claim from Democrats in Congress.

If they want, I’ll give them that… I Have no problem to give them (desired), “said trump to the journalists commenting on his decision about the transcript.

As reported by USAToday, trump admitted that he doesn’t like to publish transcripts of their phone calls, because it’s “bad precedent” and could damage U.S. diplomacy. But, if the Democrats will insist, trump is ready to show that he had not done anything illegal, building relations with Ukraine.

Recall, the transcript of a telephone conversation between trump and Zelensky from July 25 was published on the background of the U.S. announced the campaign for the impeachment of the President. It was assumed that the transcript would remove all questions of Democrats to Trump, but in reality, the published transcript of the conversation only added fuel to the fire. In the United States believe that trump still put pressure on Zelensky. Initiators of impeachment to Trump I want to clarify that meant the American President, when he said Zelensky on the provision of some services.

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