Trump has promised to facilitate ‘dreamers’ citizenship USA

On Friday, July 10, U.S. President Donald trump said that he will make drastic changes in the immigration policy of the United States through Executive decree, which will help to create a “path to citizenship” for some migrants, smuggled into the country in childhood, and to translate the criteria for the new arrivals to a system of “merit,” writes Bloomberg.

Трамп пообещал облегчить 'мечтателям' получение гражданства США

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A new effort will feature “over the next four weeks,” said trump in an interview with Telemundo.

Critics, including senior members of the presidential party immediately questioned the fact, does trump the legal authority to revise the immigration laws without passing laws through Congress.

The white house quickly issued a clarification on the President’s proposal that it unilaterally will pave the way to citizenship for children brought to the United States and are protected by deferred action for children arrival, or DACA. In the statement it was said that trump will find a way to negotiate with Congress.

“The President has long said he was ready to work with Congress on a coordinated legislative action in DACA, which may include citizenship and strong border security and ongoing reforms, merit-based, said Deputy press Secretary Judd Deere. — It does not include Amnesty. Unfortunately, the Democrats constantly refused these proposals because they are opposed to everything but completely open borders”.

According to trump, the initiative which has repeatedly blocked on Capitol hill, as he insisted on efforts to tighten immigration criteria, he believed that the Supreme court granted him new powers, rejecting attempts to curtail the program of the Obama administration, offering legal status to some young migrants illegally staying in the country.

“We are working on the legal complexities right now, but I am going to sign very important piece of legislation on immigration in an Executive decree, that the Supreme court has empowered me with decision on DACA,” said trump.

Trump did not give a specific explanation of why he believed that the Supreme court’s decision which found that the presidential administration did not follow the proper procedure of eliminating DACA, has provided him with significant new powers. While trump described his initiative, the interchangeable terms “legislation” and “Executive order” and supported with clear contradiction about his plans for the DACA program.

“We entered, and we’re probably going to be addressed,” he said.

However, trump’s comments caused alarm among some supporters of tough immigration policy, including Senator Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas, who said that the proposed plan exceeds the constitutional powers of the President.

All this is happening against the background of how the United States has largely stopped issuing new work visas and green cards in the rest of the year because of the pandemic coronavirus. In a statement issued in June, trump has frozen the issuance of new visas for highly skilled workers, persons changing the place of work within multinational corporations, and those involved in the programmes of work and study abroad.

While administration officials have said that the H-1B for highly skilled workers will also be restructured to focus on potential immigrants with the highest proposals on wages.

Last year, the son-in-law of the President and senior adviser Jared Kushner proposed to conduct more thorough immigration checks, which would require the cancellation of the programs championed by Democrats, including lottery green card. Instead, they offered additional “points” in the framework of the merit system for nationals of certain countries. This would contribute to the overall ranking, and applicants visa increased its score by a certain age, when command of the English language, have a job offer with a specific range of salaries, or certification in a specific vocational training.

Plan Kouchner criticized because of the ambiguity in the question of what to do with those who are already in the country illegally, and the lack of programs like E-Verify that allows employers to verify their workers on visas. This system Republicans had long supported as one of key components of immigration reform. Critics also said that the emphasis on the admission of highly skilled workers may adversely affect the construction and agricultural industries that depend on immigrant labor.

However, the plan Kouchner could serve as a basis for Executive action, which prepares the trump.

“It will be a very large law is very good law, merit-based, and will include DACA, and I think people will be very happy,” said trump.