Trump has restricted entry into the United States citizens: immigrants issued a statement

The Kyrgyz-American Fund Kyrgyz American Foundation are saddened and alarmed by the recent statement of the President on the introduction of visa restrictions for citizens of Kyrgyzstan. We don’t know why have been taken such actions, and I hope that will be soon achieved a reasonable resolution, said representatives of the Fund.

Трамп ограничил въезд в США гражданам Кыргызстана: иммигранты выступили с заявлением

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In the Kyrgyz history many dramatic and difficult chapters, including the years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the people of Kyrgyzstan decided to pursue the values of democracy, open society and markets. In these times, America stood firmly on his side. In fact, the U.S. was one of the first countries to recognize the independence of Kyrgyzstan, and provided financial assistance for many development projects in Kyrgyzstan totaling more than $ 2 billion. As an active opponent of terrorism, Kyrgyzstan has placed military personnel at the Manas airbase, and many Kyrgyz citizens working on American bases in the middle East.

The Kyrgyz people love America. American culture and education are of great importance in Kyrgyz society. Kyrgyzstan is home to one of the most advanced universities in the region, the American University in Central Asia, which since its inception, provides world class education to thousands of students from around the world. In recent years, countless American tourists also arrived in Kyrgyzstan thanks to its natural beauty and soft regulations for obtaining visas. They admire the amazing mountains of Kyrgyzstan, lakes, forests, and other notable features, especially its inhabitants.

Трамп ограничил въезд в США гражданам Кыргызстана: иммигранты выступили с заявлением

Photo: Kyrgyz American Foundation

The American dream is a dream and the Kyrgyz. Kyrgyz, which made its way to America and those who proudly call themselves Kyrgyz-Americans, are one of the most industrious communities in the United States. Many of them are successful businessmen, artists, scientists, doctors and teachers that make America stronger. Each of them defends the values that they were taught at home. The history of their success stories inspire and motivate Kyrgyz youth, strengthen the Kyrgyz-American relations and helped raise awareness about American culture. Both Nations have much to offer each other.

On behalf of the Kyrgyz-American Fund, we urge the government of Kyrgyzstan and the United States as soon as possible to start a dialogue on this and other matters related to Kyrgyz-American relations, said representatives of the Fund.


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