Trump has threatened to destroy the economy of Turkey, announced that the United States defeated ISIS* in Syria, and called Russia a poor country (PHOTOS)

The President of the USA Donald trump Monday, October 7, in the usual intolerable manner objections expressed in his Twitter on several foreign policy issues.

He promised to destroy the economy of Turkey if it will take any action that goes “beyond what is permitted”. “As I said earlier, if Turkey does something that I, with all its vast and unparalleled wisdom, deems beyond, I will totally ruin and destroy the economy of Turkey, as it already did before”, – wrote the head of the White house.

Commenting on the withdrawal of American troops from the North-East of Syria, trump wrote that the United States needs “to get out of these endless wars” and the us military to return home. But he promised that the U.S. will still monitor the situation in those parts of the world where the withdrawal of troops and, if necessary, can always return to restore order.

He added that Turkey, along with Europe and other countries must do “to watch the captured soldiers of the IG* and their families.” The US President noted that he had done “much more than anyone expected, including 100% smashed the Caliphate IG*”. “Now it’s time to other forces in the region, some of which are great opportunities to defend its territory”, – concluded the President.

Speaking about the withdrawal of troops from Syria, the White house said that this fact strongly dissatisfied with Russia and China because Moscow and Beijing like to see the US mired in endless wars.

“I was elected to get out of those ridiculous endless wars in which our great army was to maintain order for the sake of those people who don’t even like US. Two of the most unfortunate in this respect, the countries – Russia and China, because they liked to see us wassimi in these swamps, spending billions of dollars,” trump wrote in his Twitter.

As reported TASS, 7 October, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the United States began to withdraw troops from the North-East of Syria, where Ankara intends to carry out an operation to create a security zone. A week before Erdogan announced that Turkey intends to act independently in the matter of creation of a security zone East of the Euphrates river in Syria, as it has failed to achieve the desired result in negotiations with the United States. October 6 the President of Turkey, held telephone talks with trump, which the White house said that Washington will not support in any way participate in military operations of Turkey in Northern Syria, and the us military is not close to the venue.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS) is a banned terrorist organization