Trump held a pre-election rally, despite the quarantine: 6 employees of the organizing Committee revealed COVID-19

The President of the United States Donald trump is contrary to the recommendations of experts warning about the danger of mass infection, we spent the first three months pre-election rally. On the day of the six staff members of the organizing Committee revealed COVID-19, writes the BBC.

Трамп провел предвыборный митинг, несмотря на карантин: у 6 сотрудников оргкомитета выявили COVID-19

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About the first three months of mass actions of supporters of trump at the White house announced a week ago. In mid-March, the electoral headquarters of the presidential candidates refused public events. The most likely candidate from the Democratic party, Joe Biden is still waging the election campaign from his home in the state of Delaware, communicating with supporters via video link only.

President trump, in turn, has repeatedly complained that the ban on mass gatherings reduces his chances for re-election, saying its supporters are eager to meet him.

For the first time after a long break a campaign rally campaign headquarters trump chose the stadium BOK Center in Tulsa (Oklahoma), containing almost 20 thousand people.

First, the headquarters trump announced that the event will be held on June 19. On this day the African-American community of the United States celebrates a holiday called Juneteenth and marking the final abolition of slavery in the United States. After numerous protests made by politicians and activists of the electoral headquarters trump moved the event to June 20.

On the eve of the state was a new surge of the disease, and coronavirus, as has been warned by experts, meeting supporters trump at one stadium could lead to a new outbreak.

“I believe that it is a privilege for Tulsa, when the current President wants to visit us, but not during a pandemic, — said the head of the city Department of health Bret Dart. — I am concerned that we will not be able to ensure the safety of people who will gather for the big event, held indoors, and I also am concerned that we will not be able to ensure the safety of the President”.

On the morning of the day of the event, it became known that tests for coronavirus six staff members of the organizing Committee of the event showed a positive result. They were immediately isolated, and, as said in the electoral headquarters of the trump, all the participants of the rally in front of the entrance to the arena measured temperature and were given masks and sanitizer.

Anyone wishing to attend the event had to sign an official paper saying that they will not sue the electoral headquarters of the trump in the case of infection with coronavirus.

Many supporters of the US President arrived in Tulsa a few days before the rally and waiting for a meeting with trump located in caravans and tents at the stadium. Nevertheless to fill out the arena entirely and failed, several sectors were empty. Because of this, Trump had to cancel planned performances outside the stadium: on the eve of his election headquarters said that the President wants to reach out to their supporters who are not able to get into the arena.

The representative of the headquarters of the trump Tim Marto blamed “radical demonstrators, who have teamed up with us constantly attacking the media in order to intimidate supporters of the President.”

Near the stadium do the police detained several demonstrators in t-shirts “I can’t breathe”. Last week it was these words spoken by African American George Floyd, who died after police detention in Minnesota, became a symbol of protests in the United States.

The city also gathered several groups of protesters, including anarchists and supporters of the movement “Antifa”, but the stadium did not let them.

A few days before the rally, trump said that his staff had received at least a million applications from those wishing to participate in the event, but according to the calculations of journalists, gathered at the stadium a little more than 10 thousand people.

“I have saved hundreds of thousands of lives!”

“You are all soldiers — appealed to his supporters the President of the United States, opening the meeting. — Out there, meeting very bad people. They did very bad things.”

The vast majority of participants at the meeting with the President did not wear masks. Without it, and he was a trump.

In his speech, the head of the White house lashed out at “Sleepy Joe,” as he usually calls his opponent Joe Biden, “radical leftists” and “hostile media” and urged his supporters “to give a fitting rebuff to any enemies”.

He reiterated that the current epidemic caused by the “China virus”, calling it concordant with the martial art “kung fu” — Kung-Flu. In America a similar game of words many consider racist.

According to trump, his administration was able to cope with the epidemic, and he believes that the number of tests should be reduced. According to the President, that the increased number of tests became the reason of growth of diseases to the South and West of the USA.

“You know, the test is a double — edged sword, — said the President. — This is the bad part: when testing such a scale, reveals a more cases. So I had my people: please slow down testing”.

This statement angered many of the media and activists, but the head of the White house appreciated their work in the fight against the virus is very high.

“I did a phenomenal job — praised trump’s own actions during the epidemic. I saved hundreds of thousands of lives!”


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