Trump introduced in the United States, a nationwide state of emergency due to coronavirus

The US President Donald trump has introduced a nationwide state of emergency to combat the spread of coronavirus. The announcement of the American leader did on Friday at a specially convened White house press conference, reports TASS.

Трамп ввел в США общенациональный режим чрезвычайной ситуации из-за коронавируса

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“I officially declare today a national emergency. This measure gives access to the allocation of $50 billion — a significant funds — for States, territories, and local authorities to combat this disease,” said trump.

Emergency mode will allow to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles to the allocation of funds from the Federal budget to local authorities and administrations of the States. Earlier, the us administration obtained from Congress for $8.3 billion dollars to contain the extent of the infection.

Also, the US President said that doctors will receive an additional half a million units for diagnostic tests for the coronavirus in the beginning of next week and another five million during the month, noting that, in his opinion, they are unlikely to be needed, writes the BBC.

This statement came in response to recent criticism that the administration trump suffered for not able to organize mass testing for coronavirus.

Trump said that his decree gives wide powers to the head of the Department of health, which will not be limited by some existing laws and regulations. This will give health authorities the ability to act more flexibly and efficiently, in particular, will accelerate the opening of new hospitals and testing new treatments.

A state of emergency allows Trump to allocate 50 billion dollars to fight the coronavirus from the Fund of struggle against national disasters, and also allows Federal authorities to more effectively coordinate with state and local authorities.

In some States measures have been taken to reduce the rate of spread of the virus, including school closures, and prohibition on the holding of large meetings and mass sporting events.

On Friday, the representative of the International monetary Fund announced that the coronavirus discovered the employee of the headquarters of the Fund in Washington. The IMF staff ordered to work from home until further notice.

The Stafford Act

The Stafford act of 1988 authorizes the U.S. President the sole decision to entrust the Federal Agency on management in emergency situations to impose special measures on elimination of consequences of disasters on a national scale.

Donald trump during his presidency several times used this right.

The most controversial of these decisions was the order of the Department of defense to build a wall on the border to prevent illegal immigration.

Also a state of emergency was imposed to fight forest fires in California and floods in the Midwest.

To combat the pandemic state of emergency is introduced for the first time since President Barack Obama issued the order on special measures to combat the swine flu virus.

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