‘Trump is not OK’: video to the President forced Americans to question his health

Dr. James Merikangas, a Board-certified neurologist and clinical Professor of neuropsychiatry, drew attention to the fact that the President of the United States Donald trump has problems with the movements, when the American leader walked down a metal ramp and it was on video, writes the Independent.

'Трамп не в порядке': видео с президентом заставило американцев усомниться в его здоровье

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At about 23:00 on Saturday, June 13, the President of the United States (or an employee with access to his account on Twitter) felt the need to explain to my 82 100.000 followers why it was hard for him to go down the metal ramp earlier in the day.

During the evening Twitter was actively used the hashtag #TrumpIsNotWell (“trump’s not okay”, followed by video presentations of Donald trump at the opening ceremony of the United States Military Academy. Frames noticeable as the President makes a small, indecisive and unstable steps when coming down the ramp next to a Lieutenant General Darryl Williams, the head of the Academy.

The explanations of the President, his unusual gait was a reaction to the ramp, which was “very long and steep” (actually it is not), “had no handrails” and “the main thing was very slippery” (the day weather in West point, new York was Sunny and dry). He also claimed that “ran the last ten feet” of the ramp, although the video that trump makes a few usual confident steps at the end of the descent, not runs down.

'Трамп не в порядке': видео с президентом заставило американцев усомниться в его здоровье

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But if the President thought that his explanation of events put an end to this issue, he was wrong. The video and hashtag #TrumpIsNotWell continue to appear in social networks and the health status of the elderly during the first term of President in American history remains an unsolved problem, while he runs for re-election.

The physical condition of the trump was the subject of speculation ever since he announced his desire to run from the Republican party for the 2016 elections, and this assumption was reinforced by a series of giperplazirovannah are often meaningless statements of his private physicians.

While most presidential candidates divulge medical records or detailed reports after inspections of doctors, the only concession to trump this tradition was the statement on one page of his then physician, the new York gastroenterologist Dr. Harold Borstein, who later admitted that his note was fully dictated by trump.

In it, he “clearly stated” that trump is the “most healthy person ever elected to the post of President,” and argued that “medical tests trump gave only positive results” (which is not always good in the medical tests).

Trump was able to turn this data into an advantage in his campaign, spreading speculation about the health of his then rival, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

But his own health became a topic of discussion since then, trump became President. And video from June 13 — this is only the latest of a series of incidents, after which, questions arose about whether all right with the President.

Dr. James Merikangas, a Board-certified neurologist and clinical Professor of neuropsychiatry at the Medical school of George Washington University, said that immediately noticed problems with the movements of the tramp when I saw the entry.

“He had problems with balance and posture,” said Merikangas, adding that he had noticed problems with how trump behaves during public speaking.

“When the President is sitting in the chair, he does not lean to the back — he always leans forward with his legs spread. This unnatural position usually do so people who have neurological problems, though I can’t say exactly what it is — continued Merikangas. And his problem with balance when walking — this is what happens to people who have some degenerative problems with the brain usually in the frontal lobes of the brain… The way he was, of course, suspicious.”

Although Merikangas refused to offer a specific diagnosis, as this would require physical examination and tests, he said, if trump was his friend, family member or colleague, he would advise him to see a doctor and get an MRI or a PET scan.

“In my experience, many neurologists and psychiatrists of older age who came up and said to me: “Hey, Jim, if you notice in me any strange symptoms, please let me know. I don’t want to treat patients, if I have problems,” he said.

Video on June 13 was only the latest of a series of records that demonstrated that the President may not be all right. Several times he contradicted his previous statements, forget or confuse similar sounding words (e.g., “oranges” instead of “origins”), and he frequently sniffs and heavy breathing during performances. The efforts of doctors trying to figure this out, often bringing more harm than good both to the President and their own reputation.

Many in the administration believe trump’s disaster briefing-marathon from January 2018 on the results of annual surveys of trump, held by the then physician of the President Dr. Ronny Jackson. Jackson, rear-Admiral of the fleet, was a respected doctor, who was treating President Barack Obama and his family. During this briefing, he said that trump “has all the prerequisites to pass the presidential term without serious health problems” for his “the incredible gene”, despite the fact that at least one result of the survey showed that trump has heart disease.

The President has tried to reward the Jackson — who is now running for the Republican nomination for a seat in the House of representatives — the nomination for the post of head of the Department of veterans Affairs, although the attempt failed because of questions about his methods of treatment and character. His successor, Dr. Shawn Conley, fell out of favor due to the alleged use by the President of hydroxychloroquine as a preventive agent against Covid-19 (despite the lack of evidence that the drug is effective — recently, FDA withdrew permission for its use), as well as his vague explanation for an unscheduled visit trump national military medical center Walter reed in November 2019.

Although the White house has repeatedly denied that the trip was made because of any emergency, officials of administration have yet to explain why the visit was so urgent, without notice to local law enforcement agencies that normally would open a safe way for the President; why is the President traveled by motorcade, not helicopter, or why Conley went with the President instead of meeting with him in the hospital.

Merikangas, a former naval officer, noted that Conley has a relatively low rank compared to its predecessors. He argued that the low rank Conley makes it more vulnerable to pressure from trump, who, as commander in chief, could theoretically be ordered Conley to lie about presidential health.

But Dr. William lang, former Director of the Medical unit of the White house and former Deputy physician to presidents bill Clinton and George W. Bush, said that Conley has qualified for the current position.

Lang said he always told the truth when he asked about the President’s health, because “bad news doesn’t get better with age” and “the truth will emerge”. According to him, there is nothing that could make the presidential doctor to lie and nothing to lie military officer.

But Anthony’s Scaramucci, former communications Director of the White house, who knew trump for many years, said that the only way that can hold Conley in his post, is to do what the President and his staff, and to say what they want to put in his mouth.

“There is no doubt that Conley will be dismissed if he rejects any such requests”, — he added. Although Scaramucci also believes that employees of communications in the White house will build it so that a false statement Conley didn’t look outright falsehoods.

But the Director of the policy Center of the University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato suggested that no matter whether Conley or lie to others because no one will believe someone who is associated with the trump.

“Public skepticism associated with Donald trump, as big as the one that Lyndon Johnson, worried about Vietnam. After a while you just don’t believe what he says,” said Sabato, adding that a person is more likely to know the truth, rejecting all that said trump and his advisers, because a lot of it is inaccurate.

But regardless of whether voters believe Trump or not, Wilson predicted that eventually will be published a full report on the health problems of the 45th President.

“I predict: when this is all over, we learn that he had certain health problems, and because of them our eyes climb on the forehead,” said he.


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