Trump may suspend the issuance of work visas: who the restrictions apply to

The proposed suspension of issuing work visas H-1B may be extended to the new fiscal year, which begins October 1, writes NDTV.

Трамп может приостановить выдачу рабочих виз: кого коснутся ограничения

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The President of the United States Donald trump is considering the suspension of the issuance of the number of work visas, including H-1B, due to the mass unemployment in America due to pandemic coronavirus infection, according to media reports.

The suspension could also affect the new fiscal year, which begins October 1, reported the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous administration officials.

“It may prevent any new owner of H-1B outside the country to commence work before the cancellation of the suspension, although those who are already in the country on this visa, is unlikely to suffer”, — the newspaper notes.

The decision of the administration of the tramp may have an adverse impact on the thousands of IT professionals.

In the White house, however, said that the final decision is not accepted, and the administration is considering various proposals.

“Currently, the administration estimates a wide range of options, formulated by professional experts with the aim of protecting American workers and applicants of visas, particularly for disadvantaged and underserved citizens. But no decisions have been made,” said White house spokesman Hogan Gigli.

In addition to the visa H-1B, the suspension may relate to H-2B visas for short-term seasonal workers, visas J-1 for other types of short-term workers, including domestic helpers, and visas L-1 for internal movement of employees.

11 Jun CEO of the US chamber of Commerce Thomas Donohue wrote a letter to Trump, expressing concern about potential improvements.

“As the recovery of the economy American companies need assurance that they can meet all their manpower requirements. For this it is essential that they have access to the talents within the country and from around the world,” wrote Donohue in a letter to Trump.

According to the publication The Hill, CEO of the US chamber of Commerce said that American businesses need visa holders L-1, which is a working visa valid for a relatively short period required for exchange of the necessary knowledge and experience.

He noted the value for various industries (particularly technology, accounting and production) of holders of work visas H-1B, valid for several years.

“The policy of imposing wide-ranging restrictions on entry non-immigrant workers, or burdensome regulatory requirements on businesses employing foreign nationals will undermine access to talent and the ability of our economy to grow and create jobs,” added Donohue.


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