Trump obsav gracw NBA “Mersenne I tupimi”

Трамп обізвав гравців НБА "мерзенними і тупими"

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump, vuduc to questions about the criticism on Yogo the address s side bagatoh gracw NBA, calling basketball Mersenne I tupimi

“I don’t portiv dwellers mene kritikovali grafts NBA, but I’ll tell you what not sivulause b – situ rozmowa trump s Fox Sports Radio YouTube channel Outkick. – Some of them duzhe duzhe marzen I, if honestly, top. I don’t Patel the image to your address, ale zauvazhiv axis scho: those Yak stink obslugovuyut China, Yak stink shisuta before Kitam – TSE shame. The stench sarabseth we, the United States, more than in Kita, but our system dozvola vyslovljujut nedovolna cu system I TSE duzhe rotten for them. The stench is simply not couti those scho mayut from the States,” zaznaczyl head powers.

As the forward of “Los Angeles Lakers” LeBron James, roskrow “Golden state” Stiven Carr I bagato NSA gracw publio was vistupali s criticism of trump.