Trump on the attempted impeachment at stake is the fate of the United States (PHOTOS)

The US President Donald trump, commenting on the attempt of legislators-Democrats to seek his impeachment, said that currently at stake is the fate of the United States, reports “Interfax”. The Democrats, in his view, jeopardized the rights of Americans, noting that “they want to take guns, they want to Rob you of health care, they want to take the right to vote, they want to take away your freedom”.

“We will never let that happen, because our country is at stake as serious as never before. It’s very simple. They try to stop me, because I’m fighting for you, I will never let that happen,” said trump in his video message which was broadcast via Twitter.

He wrote in another tweet, made by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky statement about the lack of pressure on him by American colleagues, in a telephone conversation on 25 July, should put an end to the “witch hunt”.

“A conversation with a new and a very good President of Ukraine, who said “Fake News” to the UN that he was not subjected to any pressure from my side in one form or another, must in itself put an end to the new and latest “witch Hunt”. Others have turned to dust!”, – he wrote in his Twitter.

Trump also stressed that message to the reporter on his telephone conversation with his Zelensky 25 July “is completely different from the truth and contrary to his present conversation with the new President of Ukraine.”

In a subsequent tweet, trump has repeated his allegations that the investigation was aimed at the announcement of impeachment is a “witch hunt”, and said that Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff, who initiated the investigation , defamed and slandered him and needs to leave Congress.

On Wednesday, the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi announced the decision to start the procedure, the purpose of which is to determine whether there are grounds for impeachment Trump.

The occasion was the message sent by the American intelligence to its leadership regarding the content of the telephone conversation trump with Zelensky in July of this year. It is at the request of the congressmen was given to them for review.

Media earlier reported that trump 25 Jul tried in a phone conversation to convince Zelensky need to start investigating activities in Ukraine hunter Biden, the son of the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden. The Vice President was in charge of the us-Ukrainian relations, and Biden, Jr. has previously served on the Board of Directors of Ukrainian gas company “Burisma”.

Media, commenting on the scandal, noted that the requirement of the investigation of Biden in Ukraine trump is trying to eliminate the likely opponent for the Democratic nomination — Joe Biden on the presidential election of 2020.

For impeachment the votes of half of the 435 members of the house of representatives. While publicly the readiness to vote for impeachment announced 155 Democrats. If all the Democrats decide to present to the President of the charges, the impeachment will be declared. Then the final decision will be for the Senate, where most Republicans.

Trump has formed around him a whole team of lawyers, specifically fighting any attempts at impeachment. For example, they opposed the attempts of politicians and prosecutors to access his tax returns, has blocked attempts to force the former General counsel of the White house don Makhana to speak before Congress and are regularly consulted by members of the administration prior to their conversations with legislators.

The procedure of impeachment of the head of state was initiated in the history of the United States three times. These presidents were Andrew Johnson (in 1868) and bill Clinton (in 1998-1999). But they both were acquitted by the Senate. Richard Nixon, who served as heads of state in 1969-1974, resigned before the start of Senate hearings.

Removal from office

“Exclusive prerogative” to formulate and to press charges does the House of representatives. Congressmen do vote to refer the matter to its legal Committee, which is investigating the charges. The actual indictment is prepared, if the investigation reveals grounds for charges.

After approval by the Committee, the document is sent to the house of representatives of the whole. For approval requires a simple majority vote that the current balance of forces lawmakers of the U.S. Democratic party, which at this stage in opposition, can theoretically gain.

If approved, the charges are transferred to the Senate, where procedure turns into a trial. The house of representatives it is actually favored by the prosecution and the senators play the role of jurors. To the impeachment took place, it is necessary not less than two-thirds of senators (67).