Trump, penal colony

Trump, penal colony


Last week, we learned that Stephen Bannon, former adviser to Donald Trump and notorious conspirator, was sentenced to four months in prison. As the Washington Post pointed outin its edition of October 21, this brings the cumulative sentences of the former advisers to the 45th president to a total of 30 years in prison.

There is absolutely nothing comparable in the entire history of a country that has had its share of tricks and corrupt politicians. They are now 11 to have had to do battle with justice.

There is something for everyone

The escapades of Trump's entourage relate as much to his private life as to his business or to his four-year stint in the White House. The most paradoxical in this story? Trump himself is involved in numerous lawsuits, but the chances of him ending up behind bars are slim.

Are you dizzy? Memory fails? I thought I would remind you of the identity and the faults of all those entourage who make the swamp that Trump promised to clean up look like a bath of spring water.

First of all, it should be noted that Bannon is on a second conviction, the first acknowledging his participation in a fraud against the president's supporters. Only a pardon from Trump explained that this king of disinformation was still at large.

Among the political personnel, it would be necessary to add to the name of Bannon those of Rick Gates (conspiracy and lying to the investigators), Paul Manafort (tax and banking fraud, money laundering and attempt to influence a witness), George Papadopoulos (he lied to the FBI), Roger Stone (lied to Congress, obstruction of justice and attempted to influence a witness), George Nader (child pornography), Elliot Broidy (member of the nomination organizing committee, illegal lobbying) and Chris Collins.

Have you forgotten about Michael Flynn? The man to whom Trump had entrusted national security despite the warnings of the intelligence services had to quickly leave office before pleading guilty to having lied to the FBI. He too enjoyed a presidential pardon.

Only two names are missing from this list of rogues, but I saved them for last because of their closeness to the former president and their connection to him long before he entered the political scene. They are former attorney Michael Cohen and Trump Organization accountant Allen Weisselberg. 

Justice has been served?

The more astonishing, but above all the most disturbing and disgraceful, is that some of the individuals mentioned will now be able to enjoy the fallout from these convictions. How is this possible?

Many believe Donald Trump when he invokes the existence of a deep state that constantly harasses him. You can already bet the Fynns, Stones and Bannons won't hesitate to play this card, brandishing their condemnation as proof of their heroic devotion to the cause.

Trump, penal colony