Trump praised the mental abilities of Putin and questioned the sanity of Biden

The President of the United States Donald trump is saying that Joe Biden must pass the same test of cognitive ability, which recently held the trump. However, he noted that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “sharp mind”. This writes Fox News.

Трамп похвалил умственные способности Путина и усомнился в здравомыслии Байдена

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“In a sense, he is obliged,” said trump about the prospective presidential candidate of the Democratic party, adding that the presidency requires “endurance” and good “mental health.”

Trump said he passed the test to prove to the media that he is fit for presidency after reports that cast doubt on his cognitive abilities. Trump used the argument that Biden is at the age of 77 years, three years older than trump too old to run for President.

Argument is the cornerstone of the strategy is re-elected trump.

“I can say that China’s President XI Jinping has a sharp mind, Russian President Vladimir Putin has a sharp mind, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a sharp mind. The President deals only with sharp mind people,” said trump.

Trump also discussed the pandemic COVID-19, calling the virus “the plague” and pointing out that, according to him, mortality rates are falling in the United States.

“You see that mortality rates do fall,” he said.

The centers for control and prevention (CDC) do not agree that mortality rates are improving; instead they cautioned that, because the incidence is still rising in the United States can expect an increase in mortality.

“Mortality associated with the use of COVID-19, decreased compared to last week, but now it exceeds the epidemic threshold and probably will increase”, — is spoken in the message of the CDC.

Trump said he lost five, maybe six people close to him because of the coronavirus, including real estate Mogul Stanley Chera, who died April 11 at age 77 due to complications caused by the virus.

The President has backed away from previous comments he made, comparing the coronavirus, influenza, saying that I never knew someone who would have died from the flu.

“When people like to compare it to influenza, which is interesting, because I see the numbers of influenza and they are very bad, but when I look at the numbers of flu and look at the deaths due to the coronavirus. I never lost because of the flu,” said trump.

USA has ordered from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and biotechnology company BioNTech 100 million doses of vaccine against COVID-19 in the amount of about $2 billion. According to a fantastic read, the vaccines for any epidemic or pandemic diseases requires different types of growth factors and receptors to activate the immune system and fight against that particular virus inside the body.

Trump said that if he had a choice he rather would invest into a therapeutic agent than in vaccines.

“I would like to go to the hospital and give everyone something that they got well in two days, that’s what I would like,” said trump.

The President also said he is confident that USA will win coronavirus, adding that ultimately, the disease “disappears”.

“I believe that it will disappear. But I think we can defeat him before he disappears, this is what I want,” said trump.



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