Trump recalled former US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, that she did not want to hang out at the Embassy his portrait (PHOTO)

Трамп  припомнил экс-послу США на Украине Мари Йованович, что она долго не хотела вывешивать в посольстве его портрет (ФОТО)

The President of the United States Donald trump remembered the fact that the former US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch did not want to hang in the American Embassy of his portrait, adding, “this woman was no angel”, reports “Interfax”.

“The Ambassador that everyone thought was so great, do not hang my portrait in the Embassy. She was home at the Embassy… it took Her one and a half or two years, to hang a picture. She said bad things about me, not protecting me, and I have the right to change the Ambassador,” – said the head of the White House during a phone inclusion in the channel FoxNews.

“And, by the way, when I spoke with the President Zelensky – you can read it – he didn’t like he mentioned her name, and he didn’t like,” added trump.

“And don’t forget, Ukraine hated me, they were against me in the election, they wanted to win, Hillary Clinton. And when I won, suddenly they became so good to me,” added trump.

Regarding the testimony of US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sandland that the hearings in Congress, said that trump demanded “service for service”, that is, investigations in the Ukraine with regards to the company “Burisma” in exchange for help on defense and Zelensky’s visit to Washington, the US President replied: “It’s absolute nonsense.”

He called Ukraine “a very corrupt country” and said, “Why should we give money to a country that is known as corrupt?” He also mentioned that “barely knows” Sandland and talked with him a few times.

While trump believes held in July a phone conversation between him and Zelensky “excellent”, “impeccable” and “appropriate,” and expressed the opinion that the Democrats in the House of representatives during the recent impeachment hearings “looked like fools”.

A public hearing on the question of impeachment Trump ended in the house of representatives earlier this week. Now Congress has to decide on the next steps in the process.