Trump rejected the idea to hold the G7 at its resort in 2020 due to ‘irrational hostility of the media and deranged Democrats’ (PHOTO)

Трамп отказался от идеи проводить  G7 на своем курорте в 2020 году из-за 'нерациональной враждебности СМИ и сошедших с ума демократов' (ФОТО)

The US President Donald trump said that his administration is no longer considering holding a summit of the G7 in 2020 in the territory belonging to his family resort in Miami.

“Because of the irrational hostility of the media and crazy Democrats, we will no longer be considered a resort Trump National Doral in Miami as the venue of the G7 in 2020. We start the search for another place, and it is possible that it may be camp David” – he wrote on Twitter.

The President noted that “thought he was doing something good for the country” when he proposed the adoption of the G7 leaders at the resort in Miami because this hotel has big and comfortable territory, and it is located near the city’s airport. Trump also added that he wanted to arrange this with zero cost to the state, if legally possible, and were not going to benefit from this event.

The idea of the G7 in Miami on a personal resort, the U.S. President was criticized by many members of the Democratic party of the United States. Critics pointed out a conflict of interest because trump will benefit financially, because the foreign delegations would have to pay for their stay at the G7.

In particular, democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said that “this is corruption, plain and simple”. The speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi referred to the U.S. Constitution, according to which “the President may not accept gifts or payments from foreign countries”.