Trump said that negotiations with China on trade deal will not

US President, Donald trump has refused to renegotiate the terms of the first phase of trade deals with China.

Трамп заявил, что переговоров с Китаем по торговой сделке не будет

As reported Hvilya, reported Reuters.

According to trump, the Chinese media appeared information about the fact that government advisors in Beijing allegedly insist on new talks and revise certain paragraphs of the first phase of the contract, making it ineffective. In response, the US leader said that such talks will be.

Moreover, trump back in January I declared that is ready to abandon the trade agreement. Now it requires Beijing to report on what did China demand about the massive increase in purchases of American goods.

“I’m not interested. We signed the deal. I heard it too, they want to resume trade negotiations in order to make it more profitable for themselves”, — said the American President.

In turn, Chinese importers, a few hours after this announcement, trump bought about 240 thousand tons of U.S. soybeans, while stressing that this is only the beginning of a “bulk purchase”.

Leaving the trade agreement, Beijing in January was obliged to purchase American goods is not less than 200 billion dollars. The goods were supposed to go to China for two years. Washington, in response, promised to gradually weaken raise tariffs against Chinese goods.

It should be noted that duties on Chinese goods from may 10 rose by $ 200 billion. The US President emphasized that despite the increase in duties up to 25% , China and the United States continue the constructive dialogue in search of solutions regarding the introduction of new fees.