Trump said that OPEC is an illegal structure

The oil cartel is unfair to America, complained to the President, and hinted at the duties.

Трамп заявил, что ОПЕК незаконная структура

The US President Donald trump said that OPEC is an illegal structure which destroys itself. He said this during a briefing at the White house on April 4.

“I’ve played against OPEC because what it is? It’s illegal [structure], you can call it a cartel, call it a monopoly,” said trump.

He also noted that “OPEC could excite him less” than she is worried about him now. According to the President, OPEC is unfair to America.

During the briefing, the President also confirmed his readiness to impose duties on imported oil to protect the “thousands, tens of thousands of jobs in the United States.”

“If I need to impose duties , I will do what I must,” — said trump.

He also spoke about his talks with Saudi Arabia and said that the Kingdom expects to conclude a deal with Russia on the reduction of oil production.

According to trump, as a result, overall production could be reduced by ten million barrels a day “or even more”.