Trump said that the United States went around the world in testing COVID-19: why is it not winning

According to trump, the United States has outstripped all other countries in the world to test for coronavirus infection COVID-19. But this statement does not mean that Americans do testing better than anyone. What’s the matter? Tells CNN.

Трамп сказал, что США обошли весь мир в тестировании на COVID-19: почему это не победа

Photo: scenes video YouTube/The White House

At a press conference in the White house, which was held on Monday, may 11, the President of the United States Donald trump spoke, standing on the platform between the two large posters with the inscription: “America is the leader in testing”.

This is also stated by the President himself during his speech. At first glance, this achievement, but it’s not so simple.

Although the US may be fulfilled the greatest number of tests for the coronavirus, the country is not a global leader in testing per capita, numerous studies.

But the experts of health say that the US is not close to the performance testing required for a safe recovery.

How many tests has been done?

By may 12 in the United States there were approximately 9.6 million tests, according to the project tracking COVID-19.

According to researchers from the University of Oxford, on 11 may in the US was conducted in an average of 28.24 a test on 1000 people.

It is important to note that some people passed the tests several times. For example, Vice-President Mike Pence referred to its frequent testing as a reason why he decided not to wear a protective mask.

Experts of public health said that there is no need to check for the virus every American. But they argue that the United States still do not conduct enough tests to stop the spread of the virus to safely open economy.

Harvard Institute for global health said that by may 15, the U.S. must conduct testing of not less than 900 000 people a day.

“This is a growing expert opinion that during this outbreak, the United States cope worse than previously thought, said the Institute. — Measures for social distancing could stop a sharp rise in the number of infections and deaths, but, unlike many other countries, the new cases are very slow decrease”.

May 11, trump said that the US conducted about 300,000 tests a day.

As the United States doing compared to other countries

There is no single definite system of ranking, because there are differences in how some countries report testing.

“The number of tests does not mean the same in each country — some countries report the number of tested people, while others report about all tests done (this figure may be higher if the same person tested more than once),” said the Oxford researchers on its website

CNN looked at different ratings, and found that in many other countries, testing rates per head of population is higher.

Independent data aggregation Worldometer reports that the U.S. has the highest initial number of tests completed on 12 may. But at the same time, according to the site, over 30 countries were rated higher than the United States, testing capita.

According to the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), as of April 26, the U.S. took 22nd place for the number of tests per capita.

Трамп сказал, что США обошли весь мир в тестировании на COVID-19: почему это не победа

Photo: Shutterstock a project of the Center for public policy Annenberg at the University of Pennsylvania, where at one time studied trump, said that the April President’s statement that in the United States carried out more tests than “in all the countries combined,” was “far from truth”.

“The total number of tests in the United States do more than reportedly performed any separate country, but not more than all other countries put together,” said

“To sum up only the number of tests conducted by Russia, Germany and Italy — three countries that have played the most tests — you can get a higher figure… so, the approval of trump is not even close to accurate.”

Republican senators say that testing is still insufficient

Lawmakers called on the administration to continue to build on the testing to help the States to open businesses and schools.

“All the way back to work and to school are through testing. And the fact that our country has already made impressive, but it’s not enough”, — said on may 12, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee.

Senator MITT Romney, a Republican from Utah, questioned the fact that the administration carries out more tests than in South Korea, including more tests per capita.

But South Korea got control of the virus much earlier during flash, thanks to the rapid and widespread testing. The US was much slower, partly due to faulty test kits.

In South Korea the death toll from COVID-19 was below 300, said Romney, while the number of deaths in the United States is more than 82 000 people and continues to grow.

“I believe that in our testing report there is nothing to celebrate,’ said Romney. — The fact that (in South Korea) test scores fall down, down and down, because they don’t have to be flash. Our grow, up and up, because they have to grow.”



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