Trump said that the United States will raise the age limit to buy electronic cigarettes

The US President Donald trump said that the United States plans to raise the age limit to buy electronic cigarettes and related vaping products to 21. About it writes Reuters.

Трамп заявил, что США повысят возрастные ограничения для покупки электронных сигарет

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Trump, speaking to reporters in the White house, did not give more details about the administration’s plans to regulate and has not indicated a specific date for any ads.

Representatives of health are sounding the alarm in connection with a nationwide outbreak of a serious lung disease related vaping, and expressed concern about the high levels of use of electronic Smoking devices, especially among young people.

Trump called on the Department of health and the Office of the food and drug administration to study the issue.

Congress also explores this question. In addition, various States and localities, the U.S. banned vaping, faced with rising lung diseases.

“We need to take care of our children is the most important, so we introduce an age restriction on the purchase and use of vaping 21 years,” said trump.

However, it acknowledged the interests of vaping industry said that the administration also is weighing the impact of any of their actions on a number of jobs.

“We’re talking about age, but we are also talking about the fact that people had a place to work,” he told reporters.

The use of flavorings, such as mint and fruit, in order to make vaping more attractive has also been criticized by defenders of the ban wapow. Thursday, November 8, a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes Juul Labs Inc announced that it would stop the sale of cartridges with mint flavor.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • According to the latest number of deaths from vaping has risen to 37 cases. The centers for control and prevention (CDC) officially confirmed more than 1800 cases of deterioration of health because of electronic cigarettes.
  • Flavored electronic cigarettes is officially banned in the state of new York.
  • Before the ban the electronic cigarette was introduced in San Francisco, making it the first city in the United States, who decided on this step.
  • Doctors talk about “weepingboy epidemic”, while manufacturers of electronic cigarettes claim that their health risk is still less than the harmful effects of traditional Smoking.