Trump said that Washington drops its Kurdish allies to their fate (PHOTO)

Трамп заявил что Вашингтон не бросает своих курдских союзников на произвол судьбы (ФОТО)

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday said that the US is not going to abandon the Syrian Kurds, despite the ongoing withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country, reports “Interfax”.
“We can, and are in the process of leaving Syria, but in no way we do not leave the Kurds, they are special people and great fighters,” wrote trump on his Twitter.

“Turkey has a large Kurdish Diaspora, and she understands that although we had only 50 soldiers in the area of Syria and that they will bring, but any unreasonable and unnecessary use of force by Turkey will be devastating to its economy and its very fragile currency,” the President continued.

The entry of the trump appeared on the background information on the withdrawal of American troops from Northern Syria. According to trump, Washington will continue to help the Kurds and weapons and finances.

In addition, the American President reminded that Turkey has an important place in American foreign policy.

“So many people quietly forget that Turkey is a major trading partner of the United States, in fact they create the structural steel frame for our F-35 fighter. With them was also pleasant to deal with, as they helped me to save many lives (Syrian – if) Idlib and restore a healthy pastor Brunson, who for many years was in prison,” – said the President.

He added that Turkey is an important NATO member with a good reputation.

On the eve of the recall, there were reports that the us military began to leave the observation posts on the Syrian-Turkish border. USA, came to the conclusion that the media, left without the protection of the Kurdish groups who had been receiving U.S. support, and liberate the North of Syria for Turkish military operations against the Kurds, which Ankara plans.

Ankara is seeking to be cleared of extremists and fighters of the Kurds in Northern Syria, bordering Turkey. Initially, the Turkish side agreed with the U.S. plan for the establishment of a security zone, free from Kurdish militias and terrorists. But then the implementation of this joint plan has stalled.

Relations between Ankara and Washington have deteriorated markedly in the past year.