Trump saved by his amateurism?

Trump saved by his amateurism?


New public hearings on Tuesday and new information that seems to have come straight out of the head of a director whose illicit substance use is out of control.

Once again, we saw that the president and his entourage displayed a deep contempt for facts and institutions. We also saw that the entire “Trump nebula” was at work before, during and after the assault on the Capitol.

A dysfunctional mafia

There followed extracts from sad clowns or professional agitators like Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Alex Jones or Roger Stone. The latter had also been friends with the Oath Keepers for a while. Only good people.

Not only are the main cast of the January 2021 drama nearly all unsocial people, but they knew full well that what they were plotting was completely illegal.

All you had to do was listen to the testimonies of the former Attorney General Barr or former White House legal adviser Pat Cipollone to be convinced. Cipollone repeated many times that there was no evidence of fraud before telling the members of the commission that he had to advise Trump against seizing ballot boxes!

Pat Cipollone

Barr, Cipollone or Eric Herschmann are Republicans. All very conservative, they knew very well that the president and his minions were about to cross a line that no other administration had approached.

It has been several weeks since we know that the 45th president and his relatives have tried to change the normal course of things. Pressure exerted on state legislatures, multiplication of clumsy appeals to the courts, misinformation to the power of ten, a plan of obstruction developed with elected House officials and an attempt to force the vice president to exceed his powers.


Does this mean that the entire presidential entourage and Trump himself will necessarily be accused by American justice? No. I hope so, but when you think of attacking the representative of the executive branch in this way, the bar is set high.

If it is clearer than ever that Trump knew what he was doing, it must now be shown that the whole sequence of events is the result of a conspiracy hatched by the president. Paradoxically, it is perhaps the obvious amateurism of the impulsive populist that will allow him to avoid the court.

A conspiracy?

< p>Trump has often acted impulsively, rolling the dice, picking up here and there lame theories or improvised maneuvers. Will we be able to find a conspiratorial structure where chaos and improvisation reigned?

There may be another take on Trump, and it is Liz Cheney who has responsible for presenting it on Tuesday. Donald Trump has attempted to reach a witness whom we have not yet seen or heard from during the hearings. He may have been guilty of witness manipulation. The commission relayed this information directly to the Department of Justice.

I will be watching the upcoming public hearings. And you?

Trump saved by his amateurism?