Trump temporarily suspend issuing green cards: details

The US President Donald trump said that temporarily will suspend issuing green cards to stop getting people into the country, seeking permanent residence in the United States.

Трамп временно приостановит выдачу грин-карт: детали

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According to the American leader, the suspension will last 60 days and will only apply to individuals who wish to obtain permanent residence in the United States. Time travel will not be limited.

Trump also added that the ban “will definitely be exceptions,” but the details promised to clarify in an official document. At the moment, the President reiterated an exception for seasonal workers.

“Farmers will not be affected by this ban. We want their workers could get to the country faster and easier,” said trump.

It also became known that after 60 days, the ban can extend: the President will make the decision based on “what the situation will be the economy.”

At a press conference in the White house it was announced that the decree about the entry restrictions are being drafted, and the US President plans to sign it on April 22.

Trump stressed several times that the purpose of the Ordinance is to protect American workers who don’t “have to compete for jobs with people who came from abroad”. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, and quarantine work lost more than 20 million Americans. The President intends to protect their interests through the prohibition of immigration.

It is unclear how this decision will affect the lottery for the lottery green card DV 2021, the results of which must declare at the beginning of may 2020.

As previously suggested publishing The New York Times, it was originally expected that trump will temporarily supersede the issuance of green cards, and prohibit travel to the country of 90 days for holders of work visas. This prohibition was not supposed to refer to migrants employed in the health sector, as well as those who are “directly helps to ensure the supply chain”.

The President of the United States promised to suspend immigration to combat the spread of coronavirus infection.

“In light of the attacks from the invisible enemy and the need to protect the jobs of GREAT American citizens, I will sign a decree on temporary suspension of immigration to the United States,” trump wrote in his Twitter account.

Most of his presidential term, trump seeks to limit immigration to the United States. He was engaged in the construction of the border wall, pursued a policy; limiting the possibility for immigrants to claim asylum and controlled the separation of families illegally entering the country.

The decision to suspend all immigration will certainly cause fury among Democrats and groups on protection of the rights of immigrants, some of whom claim that the President continues to promote controversial points of his policy, even though the pandemic coronavirus.

April 20, late in the evening, the Democrats accused the trump is that he is using the pandemic as an excuse to satisfy their desire to tighten immigration policy.

“This action (the intention to suspend immigration) is not only an attempt to divert attention from the failure of trump to stop the spread of coronavirus and save lives, but is similar to an authoritarian step to use this crisis to promote its anti-immigrant program. We need to unite and reject his offer,” wrote Twitter member of the house of representatives, Democrat from Texas, Joaquin Castro.

“Immigration has almost ceased, and the United States are much more cases of infection than in any other country. Coronavirus just xenophobic scapegoat,” wrote a member of the house of representatives, a Democrat from Washington, don Beyer.

As of the evening of 21 April, there are more than 2.5 million infected with the coronavirus. Most infected are in the US (788 thousand), Spain (204 thousand), Italy (181 thousand), France (156 thousand) and Germany (147 thousand).





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