Trump threatens to cut funding for California’s health due to abortion law

The administration of the tramp today, 24 January, said it would cut Federal funding for the health of the state of California, if the region will continue to use health insurance to cover the cost of abortions, inform Axios.

Трамп угрожает сократить финансирование здравоохранения Калифорнии из-за закона об абортах

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The Department of health and human services said that the decision violates California law, forbidding the Federal government to allocate funds to States or other entities that discriminate against health workers who oppose abortion.

This announcement coincided with a speech of the President of trump in front of the activists against abortion at the rally “For life”. Trump is the first serving U.S. President, who spoke at the event.

Religious conservatives are a key element of the political coalition trump, and his administration is trying to meet their demands, and that was the reason for President’s participation in the rally.

“Nobody in America should be forced to pay for the abortions of other people. We warned California that it must stop forcing people to subsidize the taking of human life, not only because it is immoral, but because it’s the law,” said Roger Severino, the Director of the office of civil rights of health and social services.

“Women’s health should never be a tool in the political struggle. Today Donald trump uses the official levers of power to advance their political agenda. In California, we will continue to protect our families access to health care, including the constitutional right of women to abortion,” he responded to the threat of the U.S. Department of health attorney General of California, Xavier Becerra.

President Donald trump today spoke at the “March of life”, becoming the first serving U.S. President, personally visited the rally for the 47-year history of the event. Other presidents spoke at a rally by telephone or through a video message.

The rally — one of the main events of the movement against abortion. It is held annually since 1974. It was first held a year after the Supreme court decision, which legalized abortion.

The head of the Department of health and social services Alex Azar called the White house “the most supportive administration in the history of this country.”

“We are proud to be a “Department of life” and will continue to defend life, while defending fundamental freedoms and the dignity of all Americans,” reads the statement of the hazard.

Acting President and CEO of the Foundation for family planning Alexis McGill Johnson condemned the decision by trump to participate in the rally.

“At that time, trump supported a small number of Americans who want politicians to interfere in their decisions about personal health, we will support almost 80% of Americans that support abortion, the statement says Johnson. — We will never stop fighting for all the people in this country who need access to services on sexual and reproductive health, including abortion.”

A survey last year showed that 77% of Americans support the decision “ROE V. Wade” (historic US Supreme Court decision on the legality of abortion) and don’t want it cancelled.

Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life, in his Twitter said that he will happy at the presence of the President at the rally.

“We are excited to share the love and energy of the March of life with you personally, thank you for coming!” she said.

Mancini praised trump for what he has reduced funding for abortion at the expense of taxpayers money and expressed support for anti-abortion at a later date.

“President trump and his administration has been a consistent Pro-life groups and their support of the March was immovable,” she said.

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