Trump vs TikTok: Microsoft talks about buying apps

Трамп против TikTok: Microsoft прервала переговоры о покупке приложения

Photo: Pixabay

Microsoft has suspended talks on buying TikTok after trump

The negotiations are suspended but can be resumed after the coordination of positions with the White house.

Microsoft has temporarily suspended negotiations with the company ByteDance from China on app purchase TikTok. This is with reference to own sources reports The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, 2 August.

The publication writes that this decision was influenced by the words of the President of the United States Donald trump, who said about the possibility of a ban of the social network.

The negotiations can resume if the administration trump explain his position on the social network.

Earlier it was reported that the US President intends to ban TikTok in the country. The United States authorities are considering various restrictive measures against Chinese app TikTok.

Trump again against social networks. Than the wicked TikTok