Trump was embarrassing for the game when he was booed by the fans

Трамп оконфузился на матче, когда его освистали болельщики

American President Donald trump has decided to maintain the tradition as the guest of honour at the opening of the major League baseball in Washington.

He called for the fifth match in final series between the teams, “the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros,” says kp. The match was attended by his wife Melania and a group of congressmen, but no one expected Thu his appearance will cause resentment among the public.

When trump is the richest on the big screen, the audience immediately began to chant, “Put him in jail!”. The American leader as if nothing had happened continued to stand and smile. Whether it is, in fact, not noticed, or pretended.

The Internet already joke that is unlikely to ever trump will visit this kind of game.

As for the videos, they rapidly went viral:

“I have listened to it 10 times already and can’t stop”, “Baseball fans — the best!” “Baseball can love only for this!” write Internet users.