Trump will save the world, but the coronavirus does not exist: in the world gaining popularity traffic Please

Proponents of the theory Please believe that Donald trump will save the world, and that COVID-19 does not exist. They also are convinced that the world is run by Satanists-pedophiles. During a pandemic, more and more people began to believe in this theory and try to involve others. Details of shares publication of the air force.

Трамп спасет мир, а коронавируса не существует: в мире набирает популярность движение QAnon

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Supporters originated in the United States in late 2017 theory Please believe that the world is in control of an elite group of Satanists-pedophiles. They are convinced that the world can be saved only by the acting President of the United States Donald trump, and to do it with the help of high-ranking military intelligence personnel.

During a pandemic, more and more people began to believe in this theory, as evidenced by the growing number of participants in the relevant groups in social networks. For example, the number of subscribers one of the largest groups Please on Facebook in just four months increased by 700%. And the popularity of the movement continues to grow.

To become a member Please, you need to swear allegiance to the movement. “Where we go one, we go there together,” I repeat the movement, lifting his right hand up.

Adherents believe that trump is the secret fighting sect of Satanists-pedophiles in the US Democratic party. The latter, according to the movement, control the world media, Hollywood, and especially politicians, such as Hillary Clinton. They also believe that Donald trump publishes the hidden messages on anonymous forums like 4chan, 8chan and 8kun.

Initially, not all proponents of the theory were supported by the U.S. President. Gradually, however, the movement turned into a cult of trump. “I never in my life did not vote, I do not believe in the voting system, — said the musician Nick Nittoli. — When there was a trump, at first I thought that he was a pawn in the hands of the Illuminati”. In his opinion, the American government works for the benefit of “a certain group of people trying to control us”. He Nittoli began to publish information on the Internet a few months ago. But the number of received responses, he said, is staggering.

When the theory QAnon just appeared, she had not many supporters. But in March 2020 has skyrocketed. Most supporters of the movement are in the USA, but increasingly they are joined by users from the UK, Germany and Brazil.

The representative of the analytical center of the Institute For Strategic Dialogua, OIF Gallagher says, that the striking surge of interest has occurred “in times of social instability and confusion for a great number of people.” “The people needed answers to the question of why this all happens to them — said the expert. — In addition, they are trapped at home, their computers, their phones. All day. Posts QAnon were more likely to get caught their eye”.

In the past year, the FBI took Please to one of the threats to internal security. QAnon appeared on platforms associated with right-wing extremists and supporters of the theory of the superiority of the white race. And even though these supporters of this movement be attributed to the extremists is impossible, Gallagher believes that “the theory itself is quite drawn to extremism.” “It includes anti-Semitic ideas. And directed against the same groups of people that the activities of extreme right-wing extremists,” — said the expert.

Meanwhile, the band members of Reddit to Facebook to share personal stories about how their loved ones got caught motion, and expressed concern about this. One user said that his close people believe that the coronavirus came up with bill gates. That he created the vaccine with which the bodies of people will be implanted with microchips to monitor their movements.

Some are convinced that their relatives were in the cult. Among supporters of the movement QAnon really made to actively involve as many friends and relatives. They call it “repelling” (eng. Red pill – red pill, a reference to the movie “the Matrix”).

At particular risk are people who do not believe in the coronavirus because of the belief in QAnon. They refuse to comply with social distance, wear protective masks in public places, putting themselves and others in harm’s way. “My father survived cancer and he’s immuno-compromised,” — said the American who worries that his life’s in danger, “if he starts to believe in it.”

Several participants in the movement plan to take part in presidential elections of the USA in 2020. In the list of candidates will be at least 14 supporters Please. And one of the candidates — Marjorie Taylor green (Marjorie Taylor Greene) — can even get into Congress.

Recently, Twitter has declared war on the conspiracy of movement Please. The social network began to block posts and accounts associated with the movement. “We’ve always been clear that we will deal with conduct likely to cause damage offline. Following this principle, we apply the measures to the so-called movement QAnon on our service,” — said in a statement.

Only on the first day Twitter was subjected to restrictions, more than 150 thousand accounts, and seven thousand blocked forever.

As writes the edition “jellyfish”, the movement QAnon originated after a particular infopovod. It happened at the end of October 2017 on the political forum, /pol/ anonymous imageboard 4chan in a thread called “the calm before the storm” (Calm Before the Storm). The phrase “it’s Probably the calm before the storm” by trump said at a meeting with his military advisers October 5, 2017, putting everyone in a dead end its a mystery — any comments, clarifying that he meant, neither from the President nor from the White house, followed.


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