Trump will suspend issuing certain categories of visas before the end of the year

The US President Donald trump will extend the existing visa ban to include certain non-immigrant work visas as part of measures to protect workers in the United States in terms of economic shocks, pandemic influenza coronavirus, said a senior administration official on Monday, 22 June, writes Reuters.

Трамп приостановит выдачу некоторых категорий виз до конца года

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Trump will prohibit the entry of foreign workers on visas H-1B for skilled workers and visas L-1 for workers transferred within companies, until the end of the year, the official said. The President also banned the entry of seasonal workers on H-2B visas, with the exception of employees in the sphere of public catering.

This step is taken despite the opposition from businesses that depend on foreign workers, including large technology companies and the U.S. chamber, the nation’s largest business Association, in which he stated that the ban will hinder economic recovery. Critics of this measure say that trump is using the pandemic to reach its long — held goal- to restrict immigration to the United States.

The immediate consequences of the decision are likely to be limited, because U.S. consulates around the world remain closed for most normal procedures of obtaining a visa because of the pandemic coronavirus.

Trump is running for re-election on 3 November and did its tough stance on immigration Central to voters, although the coronavirus, an unstable economy and the recent nationwide protests over police brutality has overshadowed this issue in recent months.

Suspension of issuance of visas — the latest step trump to limit immigration in response to the pandemic and its economic consequences.

Trump will also resume in April the ban, which temporarily allows some foreigners to stay in the United States, said a senior administration Monday, June 22.

In March, trump has developed new rules that allow you to quickly deport immigrants caught at the border, and actually blocking access to the asylum system in the United States.

At the same time, he announced that land borders with Canada and Mexico will be closed for non-essential travel, this measure has been extended several times.


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