TTC passengers confused in the new metro map (PHOTO)

Пассажиры TTC запутались в новой карте метро (ФОТО)

For passengers from Toronto is easy to find something to complain about when it comes to TTC. And now, in their list there’s another reason.

Change of subway maps around the city sparked a debate right after there is a new single-line diagrams on Line 2.

Now for more confusion, residents said the map at the station St. George.

The map, which at first glance seems wrong, not oriented to the North. It shows the subway system from that direction, from where the train physically moving, i.e. it depicts the East left and West right.

The photo of the map posted on the website Reddit with the caption: “Why is the city so often wants people in it were lost?”

Many have tried to explain the map to those who are confused, but all agreed that this is not the usual way of looking at the map. Some noted that if you understand the meaning, the change you can find the logic.

One Twitter user in April troubled by the fact that the map looks strange and illogical. Then the official account of the TTC Design told him that this card is not new, in fact it remained after the pilot project in the mid 1990-ies and has not been removed.