TTC showed one of the buses from the new Park (PHOTOS)

TTC показал еще один свой электробус из нового парка (ФОТО)

Greta Thunberg would have been proud of the latest TTC steps for reducing harmful emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Over the weekend, the transportation Commission showed the latest models of their electric buses and sent one of them on route 6 Bay.

The bus, which has been the company from California Proterra is one of the 60 fully-electric vehicles that the TTC is planning to implement in Toronto by the beginning of next year – a number that will make the city the home to the largest “mini-Park” of buses on the continent.

The new Park will consist of three different models of buses that can drive over 200 km without recharging.

Buses can also serve as a “mobile power stations” in case of emergency power outages.

Some of the bus depots will have extra charging stations by early next year.

The addition of rechargeable buses is part of the TTC on improving the environmental performance by achieving 50-percent zero emissions to 2028-2032 years and 100% zero emissions by 2040.

Since last year, the Commission acquired 255 new diesel-electric hybrid buses, which consume about 25% less fuel than just diesel-powered vehicles, and in June, the Commission has commissioned another model all-electric bus on the 35 Jane route, so the bus was the second.

On the number of stops and bus garages equipped with special environmentally friendly and reflective roof.