TTS outputs to route two additional buses to transport students (PHOTO)

ТТС выводит на маршрут два дополнительных автобуса для перевозки учащихся (ФОТО)

The representative of TTS reported that they partially solve the problem of overcrowding on the transport, which had to face the former students of the school York Memorial Collegiate when they get to their new temporary school in Etobicoke and return home.

Approximately 880 students of York Memorial Collegiate in this academic year were moved temporarily into an unused Scarlett Heights Academy after their school building was seriously damaged in a massive fire, the sixth category in may last year.

As a result, many students who previously had to walk to the nearby York Memorial Collegiate, were forced to transfer to buses TTC, getting to their temporary school, the distance to which is about 4 km and on two bus routes TTC involved in this area, it was reported overcrowding.

On Wednesday, the TTC representative Stuart Greene reported that the leadership decided to put the two additional buses on route 32 Eglinton W in the morning and in the afternoon, when the studies to reduce the problem of congestion.

He called the circumstances “unique situation” and “acquire new experiences” for the TTS.

Earlier, the TTC stated that the school Board Toronto did not notify them about this change and that they will not be able to adjust the level of service until January for lack of notice.

On Thursday, representative school Board in Toronto (TDSB) Ryan bird said, answering journalists ‘ questions that the Council was not notified about the change in TTC, since it’s not part of their job, and they have not done this in the past when confronted with such situations.