Tuners presented a 513-horsepower Ford Focus RS


Тюнеры представили 513-сильный Ford Focus RS

Atelier Mountune released a package of completions for “charged” hatchback.

Tuning house Mountune has produced two of the Covenant of updates for American hatchback that considerably povyshayut performance powertrain of the vehicle or 513 to 444 horsepower. The cost of the first option is 6 thousand pounds.

In the extensive list of modifications includes the removal of the existing turbocharger to the 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine in favor of a “specially crafted” products BorgWarner.

A complete set of “M450” with less power at the price from 2 950 pounds, the hatchback received a new turbocharger that allows you to increase the power of 49 HP, compared with the previous equipment M400 — up to 444 HP with a torque of 580 Nm. Both figures significantly exceed the performance of the new Mercedes-AMG A45.

Along with the new turbo, Mountune is a sports catalytic Converter, high-throughput and other exhaust pipe, as well as several other updates that can be installed in the headquarters of the Mount Brentwood or ordered by customers via the Internet (this feature will be available later).

In the package “M520” is used a better turbo BorgWarner EFR 7163, and the fuel pump high performance, camshafts and valve system. Setting up the ECU 2.3-liter engine capable of producing up to 513 HP and 700 Nm.

This kit will cost customers at a price of 5 975 pounds and requires significant internal modifications to the motor, which, according to experts of Studio, allow you to achieve levels of power “safely and securely”, but deprived of warranty coverage on the car, unlike some other packs, Mountune.

The company did not report the dynamic characteristics of the Ford Focus RS with packages of improvements, but according to experts, from zero to hundreds of tuned hatchback can accelerate in less than four seconds.