Tunnel: A ramp that wastes a lot of time

Tunnel: A ramp that wastes a lot of time


The Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel construction site generated the heaviest congestion to date in Montreal on Wednesday, particularly for motorists arriving from the east of Montreal, whose dangerous maneuvers forced a police intervention.

Sarah Bensadoun, spokesperson for the MTQ.

“When you come, for example, from Repentigny or the east of Montreal and want to go to the South Shore, the travel times are longer,” recognizes Sarah Bensadoun, spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport. and Mobilité durable du Québec (MTQ), in an interview with Le Journal.

The ramp to access Highway 25, southbound, from the metropolitan , heading west, seems frustrating for users.

This ramp, which has only one lane, causes a funnel effect that increases travel times to access the tunnel, even well outside peak hours.

For example, at 1:35 p.m., the MTQ calculated that a user at this location would take 61 minutes to get to the tunnel.

Overall, the effect of the tunnel construction was more felt on Wednesday than in the first days, estimates Daniel Evans, presenter at Radio Circulation, who specifies that it is still not the catastrophe which one expected.

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Police intervention

The Sûreté du Québec still had to intervene at this place, because impatient motorists posed accident risks.

“We were told that there were certain behaviors that were sometimes dangerous,” says Ms. Bensadoun.

At the request of the police force, the MTQ has just had guardrails installed in order to prevent these risky maneuvers. 

“I think that in all of this, if there was one thing to correct, it's this famous ramp from 40 West”, believes Daniel Evans, who estimates that a motorist loses 20 minutes there before waiting another 40 minutes on the 25, southbound, before arriving at the tunnel

In the short term, “no other change » configuration is planned at this intersection between the two highways, specifies Ms. Bensadoun.

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