Turkey continues military operation in Syria. USA has prepared a draft sanctions against Erdogan and his equips (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Турция продолжает военную операцию в Сирии. США подготовили проект санкций против Эрдогана и тех, кто его оснащает (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

The Turkish air force resumed air strikes on the village of RAS El-Ayn (Hasakah province) in Northern Syria, reported the Syrian news Agency SANA. According to him, strikes are the villages located to the East of RAS El ain. This information was confirmed by the Syrian TV channel Alikhbariya. He notes that the operation also involved ground forces of the Turkish army. As reports Reuters, since the beginning of military operation “peace” in Northern Syria, the Turkish army attacked 181 goals.

Al Arabiya television channel reported that as a result of attacks by the Turkish air force on targets in a controlled Kurdish area in northeast Syria, October 9 killed at least 11 people. Among the victims were 8 civilians.

Syrian state television Alikhbariya reported that Turkish aircraft attacked the town of RAS al-ain, Derbesia, Malice, Qamishli in Hasakah province and the city of tel Abyad and ain Issa in raqqa province. Besides, Turkish aircraft struck the power lines supplying energy to a water station Alluc and dam Saffan.

The TV channel al Jazeera, citing its own sources reported that Turkish ground forces managed to take control of several villages during the offensive to the East of RAS El ain. According to the Turkish Pro-government newspaper “Milliyet”, which refers to TASS, the ground units of the Turkish army became a feature of the Syrian city of tel Abyad, situated on the border of the two countries. Indicates that to date, the city and its suburbs do not see positions of Kurdish militia who were there before the operation, “the Source of peace”, not heard of the shootings.

The morning has resumed strikes on targets in the cities of Qamishli and RAS al-Ayn and the nearby villages. Eliminated five members of Kurdish “forces of national self-defense”. It is noted that along the border there are fighter jets, combat and reconnaissance drones that react to any changes in the operational situation in the area.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an interview with the newspaper Yeni Safak said that Ankara has every right to carry out the operation “the Source of peace” in Syria thanks to the agreement signed by Turkish and Syrian authorities in 1998. “As for the use of airspace over Syria, then it does not belong to US. It is an international space, is a Syrian airspace. Since it does not belong to US, the question of its use is solved in [Syrian] regime,” said Erdogan.

According to the President, American troops are on the territory of Syria at the invitation of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, and the Turkish have a right to be there as part of the signed the Adana agreement. “Under this agreement, if the regime does not take action against the Kurdistan workers’ party (PKK), that our military have the right to pursue terrorists,” he said. According to him, the operation is designed to protect the southern border of Turkey against terrorists and also to protect the territorial integrity of Syria and to ensure the return of Syrian refugees.

Erdogan is also the first time commented on statements of the US President Donald trump, who said about the readiness of the United States “to destroy the Turkish economy”, if Ankara will begin to destroy the Kurds in Northern Syria.

“I view these words as statements that are made in order to prevent tension in certain circles. At the moment the fact that there [from the Syrian territories, where Turkey carries out the operation] displays the troops, demonstrates the true intentions of the [United States]. They us said that will not act against Turkey”, – said the President.

The United States has developed sanctions against Turkey and countries to help her

Amid this situation, U.S. senators Chris van HOLLEN (Democrat from Maryland) and Lindsey Graham (Republican from South Carolina) has proposed to impose sanctions against the assets of the President of Turkey in the United States.
The main provisions of the bill van HOLLEN published in Twitter.

Lawmakers consider it necessary to amend the sanctions list assets Vice-President, heads of the Ministry of national defense, foreign Ministry, Finance Ministry, the Ministry of trade and Ministry of energy and natural resources. In addition, proposed visa restrictions against members of the Turkish leadership, as well as the application against Turkey’s restrictions for the purchase by Ankara of the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) s-400.

Also provided for the imposition of sanctions against “any foreign person who sells or provide financial material or technological support” of the Turkish army and the ban on providing U.S. military assistance to Ankara, including Turkey’s sale of American military technology and ammunition. The document also indicated the restrictive measures against the Turkish energy sector, these include restrictions in respect of foreign individuals and legal entities that “offer goods, services, technology, information, or provide other support to domestic [Turkish] the production of petroleum and natural gas for use by the armed forces of the country.”

The senators plan to submit the initiative to Congress in mid-October after the parliamentary recess. “We demand an immediate vote to clear to give the Turkey to understand that it must… cease its military actions, withdraw its soldiers from the zone that was attacked, and to stop the destruction [of people],” wrote van HOLLEN.

In turn, President Donald trump said that the implications for Turkey in connection with a military operation and the destruction of Kurds in Northern Syria may be more stringent than sanctions. “I will destroy the Turkish economy, if it happens. Once I have done it already. I hope he [Erdogan] will perform the operation so humane as possible,” said the American leader, quoted by ABC News.

In addition, Donald trump confirmed on Twitter that the us military has taken under his own protection of dozens of terrorists “Islamic state”*, including two people from the British organization of the cell known as the Beatles (Beetles). “If the Kurds or Turkey will lose control, the United States has already taken two militants* associated with beheading in Syria from this country to a secure location controlled by the United States,” wrote the President.

On Wednesday, the broadcaster CNN, citing sources reported that the Arab-Kurdish armed coalition “Forces of democratic Syria” (SDS) due to the military operations of Turkey in the North-East of the Republic handed over to the us military of two members of the IG* of the British of Alexander the Coti and al-Shafi of Alsaha. Coti and Elishah were members included in the ranks of the IG* of the group of terrorists under the name of Beetles.

The British are credited with the massacre of 27 prisoners, including American journalists James Foley and Steven Staffa. This group of terrorists got its name because of the British accent. According to one senior us official, the militants were detained with the purpose of trial in the United States and was shipped to Iraq. Other officials also confirmed that the possibility of their delivery to Iraq, but they could take away and somewhere else.

Operation “Source of peace”

On 9 October Ankara declared carrying out in the North of Syria a new military operation “Source of peace”, which began with air strikes by the air force of the Republic on the positions of Kurdish groups. The aim of the operation is the establishment in Northern Syria of a buffer zone, which should become a protective belt for the Turkish border where Ankara believes, will be able to return from Turkey to the Syrian refugees. Erdoğan in his Twitter wrote that the purpose of the operation is to destroy a “corridor”, which is trying to create on the southern borders of the country of the terrorist organization “PKK”, a Kurdish people’s protection Units and the Islamic state*.

State news Agency SANA called the operation aggression, the international community has condemned the actions of Ankara, which undermine the stability of the region, increase the suffering of civilians and threaten to spark a new wave of refugees, and threaten the progress made by the coalition to combat ISIS*. UK, Germany and France requested a meeting of the UN Security Council, scheduled for October 10.

The Armenian foreign Ministry also called the military operation of Turkey in Northern Syria invasion, which will lead to serious and massive violations of human rights on the basis of identity and the new humanitarian crisis. “Armenia calls for the adoption of effective international measures to stop the military invasion, the prevention of mass atrocities and protection of the population of Syria’s border with Turkey the regions”, – said in a statement. The Armenian foreign Minister noted that Armenia will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the friendly Syrian people.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.