Turkey in April to require tourists to pay tax on accommodation in hotels (PHOTOS)

Турция с апреля обяжет туристов платить налог на проживание в отелях (ФОТО)

Tourists will have to pay tax on accommodation in Turkish hotels from 1 April 2020. Yesterday the Turkish Parliament approved the amendment to the law on taxation of services, with the introduction of a two per cent tax on accommodation in hotels. The cost of the tour package is not affected, tourists will have to pay tax at the hotel or when leaving it.

According to the current version of the document, the tax will be levied on guests of hotels, Inns, guest houses, guesthouses, apartments and boutique hotels. Benefits are not provided. Responsibility for tax collection rests with the hoteliers. Thus, prices for accommodation will increase by the amount of tax, reported RIA “news” the head of the Federation of hoteliers of Turkey Osman Ayik.

He noted that hotel owners have repeatedly criticized the bill and asked to at least postpone innovation so that people could prepare for it. “Unfortunately, we have not listened,” stated IYC.

In the Turkish Parliament said that while only adopted the amendment on the residence tax, the remaining articles of the law will be discussed. After full adoption of law it will be considered by a special Commission which may send it back for revision. And after the Commission’s approval, the finished document will be served to the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He, in turn, is empowered to revise or cancel some articles of the law. In particular, the head of the state has the right to reduce the tax rate to one percent, to differentiate its application in different regions and at different times of the year. All funds raised will go to the state budget and not to the municipalities. According to the Russian tour operators, a significant growth of prices on rest in Turkey in connection with the introduction of the accommodation tax is not expected.

Meanwhile, in Antalya, where Russian tourists are the majority started accepting roubles, informs a portal “Turprom”. First step decided the Museum of sand sculptures that organized the 14th international sand sculpture festival. “With the proliferation of the ability to pay in roubles, the Russian tourists will be easier to leave the hotels and to see the cultural, artistic, natural and cultural values of the Turkish regions, where they rest”, – said the Director of the festival Jam Karrada. He expressed the hope that the Museum will be followed by other representatives of the Turkish tourism.

At the end of last year, the Association of hoteliers of Turkey proposed to expand the range of extra services in the hotels on the system “all inclusive”: to raise money for the sauna or Hammam, Internet access, use of children’s and sports grounds, bottled water in the rooms or for the offer of drinks at dinner.