Turkey will buy Russian su-35, says the head of the Ministry of defense of the Republic (PHOTO)

Турция не будет покупать российские Су-35, утверждает глава Минобороны республики (ФОТО)

The Minister of national defence of Turkey, Hulusi Akar denied Tuesday reports that Ankara will purchase Russian su-35 fighters.

“The reports that Turkey will buy su-35 does not correspond to reality. We are partners of the project [the creation of the American fifth generation fighter F-35, give us our rights”, – quotes its words news portal Haberler.

On October 25 the Turkish newspaper The Daily Sabah reported that Ankara and Moscow are close to an agreement for the supply of Turkey 36 su-35. According to the publication, the parties can also agree that in the future Turkey will start to produce some components for Russian aircraft.

Meanwhile, on 22 October, the head of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation Dmitry Shugaev expressed the opinion that it is too early to talk about contract negotiation on supplies of su-35 and su-57 Turkey. However, the consultations, he said, go, reports TASS.

The discussion about what Turkey may consider buying Russian fighters, has intensified after the visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Moscow on 27 August. During the visit of the MAKS-2019 along with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, he expressed interest in combat aircraft, the Sukhoi design Bureau. After that, Erdogan stated with the words “why not”, which does not exclude the possibility of buying su-35 and su-57 is the American F-35.

On July 17 the press Secretary of the White house in a written statement said that Turkey’s decision to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile system s-400 makes it impossible for her continued participation in the program is the creation of American fighter-bombers of the fifth generation F-35. Ankara is planning to buy 100 planes and made a part of the equipment, avionics and elements of the fuselage for this machine.