Turkey will not be able to stop the flow of refugees to Europe if the EU will not support Ankara, said Erdogan (PHOTO)

Турция не сможет остановить поток беженцев в Европу, если ЕС не поддержит Анкару, сказал Эрдоган (ФОТО)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday that Ankara would have to open the door to Europe for Syrian refugees, if the EU does not help Turkey to their offering. It is reported TASS with reference to Reuters.

“Whether we get support or not, we will continue to help guests that we now are. But if we fail, then we have to open the door (and refugees will flood into Europe. – Approx. NEWSru.com), “- said the Turkish leader.

The deterioration of the already dire humanitarian situation in the middle East began after
On 9 October Ankara was announced in the North of Syria a new military operation “Source of peace”. Its goal is the creation of a buffer zone, which should become a protective belt for the Turkish border where Ankara believes, will be able to return from Turkey to the Syrian refugees. Them in Turkey for a number of estimates from 3.6 to 4 million people. In practice, military actions have led to a new wave of migration. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were forced to leave their homes.

Add, a few years ago, the topic of refugees was already in the mouth of Erdogan criticized the West. According to the Turkish President, Europe and the USA there is no case to 600 thousand Syrians killed by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

“Should be ashamed of those who cares more about the so-called freedoms, rights and laws in disputes about gays, yet in Syria suffer women and children. Should be ashamed of those who worry about whales and rare sea turtles, turning away from the 23 million Syrians,” Erdogan said.

According to him, Western leaders often put first their own safety, well-being and comfort, refusing to pay attention to the problems of those who are simply trying to survive. He also said that the West’s attitude to refugees is reminiscent of the days of slavery, when people’s lives are measured by money in their wallets, jewelry on the hands and necks. Thus, the Turkish President commented on the plan of Denmark to confiscate valuables from migrants to offset costs on their subsequent maintenance.

Erdogan stressed that in a single day is the attitude of people will stop. “The most important thing for us to pass this test with flying colors,” said the President. Then he stressed that Turkey is about three million refugees, but her door will still remain open for the needy, despite all the threats and danger.