Turkey will not refuse to supply Russian s-400 on demand of the USA (PHOTO)

Турция не будет отказываться от поставок российских С-400 по требованию США (ФОТО)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said American colleague Donald Trump on the possibility of Ankara’s rejection of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) s-400. “We explained to Trump that Turkey will not back down in matter of s-400. I told Trump about how Turkey was driven to purchase systems With-400, and he acknowledged our right,” said the Turkish leader in a speech in Ankara, broadcast which leads the TV channel NTV.

According to Erdogan, he also told Trump that in the case of new differences with the United States on deliveries of F-35 Turkey “will be forced to meet their needs from other parties.”

“I once again told of the injustice on the issue of the F-35. We are not clients, but partners, $ 1.4 billion already paid. If you do not agree, then we will begin the search for alternatives in the medium term”, – said Erdogan, speaking before the parliamentary factions of the ruling Party of justice and development.

Contract to supply anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 worth 2.5 billion dollars was signed in September 2017. Ankara until the spring of 2020, will deploy two divisions of s-400.

Washington is strongly opposed to this deal. The white house threatened Ankara by the imposition of economic sanctions in the framework of the law “On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions” (CAATSA), and with the exception of programs produced by the American fighter-bomber of the fifth generation F-35.

The Washington administration insisted that Turkey was not “commissioned” systems s-400, that they could not have access to means of communication and protection of American fighters F-35. In this case, Ankara may return to the program is the creation of multi-role fighters F-35 and to avoid sanctions. Turkey for several years trying to negotiate with the United States about selling the Patriot, but Washington did not go to such transaction, in connection with which Ankara has decided to purchase air defense systems from Moscow.