Turkish soldiers detained in Syria organizer of the terrorist act in Russia (PHOTO)

Турецкие военные задержали в Сирии организатора теракта в России (ФОТО)

Special services of Turkey were detained in Syria militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state”* involved in multiple terrorist attacks in Europe and Russia. This was stated by the head of the interior Ministry of the Republic of Suleyman Soylu.

“We seized in the Syrian Azaz, one of the main terrorists of the IG* on behalf of the Jihad ad-DIN al-Nasir the Ubeid, he is from the senior management group, named Yusuf Huda”, – quotes the Minister the newspaper Hurriyet.

Soylu added that the detainee organized a terrorist attack in Russia in 2018, and the attack on the supermarket in Hamburg. He did not explain what kind of attack in Russia there is a speech. It is known that the detainee made bombs, should be taught through the Internet, doing recruitment and establishment of a network of suicide bombers, was preparing an attack and killing using poisons.

According to Soylu, the first 10 months of 2019 Turkish police conducted 1288 operations against ISIL* and detained more than 3,500 Turkish citizens and 2600 foreigners. This campaign against ISIS* led to the arrest of 1686 foreigners, and about 3,000 Turkish citizens.

The Minister also presented updated information on the fight against “the terrorist organization of fethullahists” (FETÖ) under the leadership of Fethullah Gulen. According to Soylu, this group is still protected under US, EU and Israel, continued their anti-terrorist campaign abroad, condemning the Interpol for his refusal to cooperate with Turkey in the arrest and extradition of members FETÖ.

The struggle of Turkey against FETÖ will include opposition to some foreign nationals who were involved in the coup attempt. One of them should be working in the United Arab Emirates national of Palestinian Mohammed Dahlan . “Mohammed Dahlan and his network will soon be included in our red list (terrorists),” said Soylu.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.