Twitter was a lot of those who did not like arguments don cherry (PHOTO)

В Твиттере оказалось много тех, кому не понравились рассуждения Дона Черри  (ФОТО)

The day of remembrance is a time of reflection and remembrance on the sacrifice of the people whose merits deserve only respect and reverence. However, don cherry seems to have taken a Day of remembrance as the reason for his next signature rants. In the Hockey Night In Canada don cherry’s hard-hitting spoke about not wearing poppies, especially riding on immigrants.

“Listen, people, you, who comes here, like everything here, you like our way of life, you like our abundance, so can you fork over a few dollars on the Mac or something like that,” said cherry during the broadcast on 9 November.

“These guys paid for your lifestyle that you like in Canada, these guys have paid the highest price”.

After review cherry has launched its annual video in honor of memorial Day, in which he walks among gravestones in a cemetery in France and is delayed from one of the graves, the resting place of Thomas William McKenzie.

Longtime co-host don cherry, Ron McLean, did not react to the tirade cherry, only raised up both my thumbs before he started the video.

Cherry has long characterized his scandalous statements, but these last remark caused Twitter quite a serious criticism.

“Don cherry that appeals to immigrants “you people” and behaves as if they are the only reason that the symbols bad is sold out – this is the worst example of what in-all-blame-immigrants that I have ever seen. They take our jobs, and now they are responsible for the drop in sales of the poppy badges?! Honestly. Remove this man from TV!” – wrote @jespopo.

“@CBC @Sportsnet why you give don cherry a weekly basis to go on air to spew their hatred and outdated views? I made it a rule to leave the room, when it starts, Coaches Corner. Time for a change, do what you need. Chase Don Cherry!” – wrote @styler12.

Twitter went to Ron Maclean for his silence during the outpourings cherry.

Even the canadian forces took the opportunity to show don what he doesn’t know, and posted in social networks photos of soldiers-immigrants who fought for Canada in the past.

But there were also those who showed solidarity with Don cherry and agree with his statements.

“My grandparents and dad came to Canada by immigrants. They came because the canadian soldiers were very kind to my grandfather during the war. I fully support what he says, don cherry, here in this video. He’s not a racist. He is attacked left-wing liberals,” said @DeniseInCanada.

“He didn’t say anything racist! My parents are immigrants from Trinidad. I was born in Toronto, #Canada I agree with him. The least we all can do is buy the symbol of the poppy!” – wrote @Kassiedass.

This year in the world of hockey we have been cases of racism. So, coach a youth hockey team, a Pakistani by birth, one of the parents said that he should do something like cricket.