Two arrests in the case of the violent attack in Saint-Roch

Two arrests in the case of the violent assault in Saint-Roch


The SPVQ made two arrests in connection with the violent assault with a metal cane that occurred on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Saint-Roch. One of the suspects will be charged with assault with a weapon while the other will appear for a sexual assault that occurred in the minutes preceding the attack.

The victim's father had told the < em>Diary the thread of alleged events. According to witnesses, his son intervened after one of the suspects, taking advantage of a photo taken at a bachelor party, touched one of his friends.

An altercation reportedly ensued and it was then that the second man violently hit the 19-year-old in the back of the head with a metal cane.

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The event took place on Saint-Joseph Street, outside the Le District bar. The attack was filmed and broadcast on social networks.

Upcoming appearance

After an investigation that lasted three days, the SPVQ announced having made two arrests in this case.

“The two men, aged 39, are currently detained and will appear at the Quebec City courthouse tomorrow (Thursday), one for assault with a weapon and aggravated assault and the other for sexual assault”, indicates the body of police in a press release published on Wednesday afternoon.

The two men were found “outside the territory of Quebec City”.

The police The police also mention that they are still meeting important witnesses related to this case and invite people with information to pass them on.

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< p>Victim's father not “entirely satisfied”

In a short text exchange with Le Journal, the victim's father is said to be happy with the quick arrest of the two men by the Quebec police.

However, he is not “entirely satisfied” since “the third [man who accompanied them] is still unharmed”.< /p>

“I consider that there should be consequences for him too”, he expressed.

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