Two cyclists involved in serious collisions

Two cyclists involved in serious collisions


A 93-year-old cyclist lost his life in a collision with a vehicle in Montreal on Wednesday while a 25-year-old cyclist still lay between life and death after an accident in Brossard.

The nonagenarian lost his life in the borough of Saint-Léonard, near the intersection of Pascal-Gagnon and Louis-Sicard streets, at lunchtime.

“We believe that it is the first death of a cyclist this year on the island, it is always extremely sad,” said Jean-François Rheault, CEO of Vélo Québec.

According to initial information, the collision occurred at the when the man tried to cross the street between a vehicle and his trailer, said Montreal police spokesperson Gabriella Youakim.

The elder was taken to hospital in critical condition, before succumbing to his injuries.

Struck by an SUV

For his part, the 25-year-old cyclist was mowed down by a person driving an SUV around 6:30 a.m., at the corner of the boulevard Taschereau and rue Authier, in Brossard.

Under the force of the impact, the young man was thrown several meters further. Damage to the front of the SUV testifies to the force of the impact.

The victim was taken to hospital in critical condition and doctors still feared for his life.

“These tragedies remind us why we must protect the most vulnerable cyclists with better cycling infrastructure,” says Mr. Rheault, of Vélo Québec.

– With the QMI Agency

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