Two major fires declared the same night in Jonquière

Two major fires declared on the same night in Jonquière


The night from Wednesday to Thursday was very busy for firefighters in Saguenay who had to fight two major fires in Jonquière, which broke out about an hour apart.

It was at 1:30 a.m. that the immediate neighbors of the two burning houses were suddenly awakened.

“The firefighters came, they were knocking, we were wondering what it was happening. When we came out, we saw the neighbour's house. She was on fire in the blanket and the flames were coming out of the roof,” confirmed Mario Boily.

The fire started in the residential garage of a house on rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, in Jonquiere. It spread in the residence and that of the neighbours. The damage is major.

“When we arrived at the residence, the other residence was also on fire. The neighbor too, he is close, he was in the process of burning, 25 firefighters were on the scene,” said the chief of operations of the fire department, Jean Côté.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. It was the son of one of the residents who would have sounded the alarm so that everyone would get out quickly.

“His oldest noticed that, he was playing video games. He woke up his mother and the other two,” explained the neighbour.

The blaze was brought under control around 4 a.m., but fire and police investigators analyzed the scene.

< p>“There are clues that lead us to believe that we will have to do an investigation at the police level, that's why the police are there,” said the chief of operations of the fire department.