Two men arrested on Grande Allée: the police intervened just before a knife was used

Two men arrested on Grande Allée: police intervened just before a weapon white is used


A fight that could have gone wrong on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, in Quebec City, ended abruptly when the two belligerents were subdued by police before a knife was used.< /strong>

The incident occurred on Grande Allée, shortly before 2 a.m., during a verbal altercation between a 34-year-old man and a 19-year-old second.

At some point, the older one then pushed the younger one to the ground. But as he got up, the latter put his hand to his pants, suggesting that he could pull out a weapon.

It was at this moment that the officers of the City of Quebec (SPVQ) intervened to control the two individuals. A knife was actually found on the 19-year-old man.

“Also, by investigation, the police would have had the information that the latter would have threatened the other man to attack him physically,” explains David Poitras, spokesperson for the SPVQ.

The young man was arrested for threats, while the 30-year-old was arrested for assault. However, they were released on a promise to appear at a later date at the Quebec City courthouse.

“There is no doubt that the police presence on Grande Allée and the rapid intervention of the police greatly helped contain the incident,” said Mr. Poitras. 

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