Two men hired for the realization of the intimate imagination, but they got the wrong address

Two men armed with a large knife machete, in Australia hired for the realization of the intimate imagination: they had to enter the house of the client, but got the wrong address. About it writes BBC.

Двоих мужчин наняли для воплощения интимной фантазии, но они ошиблись адресом

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One of two men now justified under the article on entry into a dwelling with a weapon, according to Australian media.

In July 2019, a resident of the city of Griffith in New South Wales hired two men via Facebook: he wanted to they entered his house, tied him up in his underwear and tickled him with the MOP. For these services he was willing to pay up to 5 thousand Australian dollars ($3 300), the judge said, recognizing the “unusual” circumstances of the case.

However, after the customer moved to another address at a distance of about 50 km from former places.

On the street where he lived before (at the same time in another house, according to some sources), the owner of the house early in the morning noticed a light in one of the rooms. He decided that it was his friend who usually came over for coffee and told him that it was too early.

When he next opened his eyes, over it bent two men with a long knife.

Uninvited guests spoke to him on behalf of his client. The man explained that such a person does not live here and never lived. In the end two with a machete and MOP realized his mistake, apologized, shook hands with the owner of the house and left. Worried owner called the police.

The hapless participants role-play in the end found the right address. There they met their client. Interestingly, the cold weapon in his plan did not fit and he asked me to leave it in the car.

Soon after his guests, the police arrived.