Two of the meteor shower and the launch of the Rover: the space events not to be missed

This summer was full of exciting celestial events and launches. More recently, the Neowise comet lit the night sky, and now, this week, two meteor shower will peak. In addition, on 30 July will be the launch of Mars Perseverance. This writes Travel and Leisure.

Два метеоритных дождя и запуск марсохода: космические события, которые нельзя пропустить

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Meteor showers the Delta of equality and alpha of capricornid peak this week, which will allow observers to see several meteors per hour. Here’s everything you need to know to witness these amazing celestial sights.

What is a meteor shower the Delta of equality

Meteor shower the Delta of equality is an annual celestial event, which usually occurs from mid-July to mid-August. Although astronomers are not sure they believe that the meteor shower comes from comet 96P/Machholz. The Delta of equality got its name from the constellation of Aquarius, because their source is the point from which, apparently, are the meteors is near the star Delta Aquarii.

When in 2020 a meteor shower the Delta of equality

Meteor shower Delta Aquariids can be seen from 12 July to 23 August and will peak this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (July 27-29), it will be possible to see about 20 meteors per hour. According to NASA, this meteor shower is best visible in the southern hemisphere.

What is a meteor shower alpha of capricornia

Meteor shower alpha of capricornia usually visible from mid-July to mid-August, it comes from comet 169P/NEAT.

When is the meteor shower in the year 2020

According to the American meteor society, alpha of capricornia active from 2 July to 10 August, reaching a peak from 25 to 30 July, with about three visible meteors per hour. The rain is visible from the Northern and southern hemispheres. Despite the fact that the rain is not a very large number of meteors, it is known that there are fire balls.

When is the next meteor shower in the year 2020

The Perseid meteor shower, considered one of the best annual flows, reaches a maximum on August 12. In addition, on 30 July will be the launch of Mars Perseverance, you can watch it online on the website of NASA.


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