Two people arrested after a delivery error

Two people arrested after delivery error


Two people were arrested in the United States after a large amount of drugs were delivered to the wrong address.

Over the weekend of June 27, a person called the police, claiming they received a box full of illicit substances, according to CBS information.

Inside the mystery package, authorities found ten pounds of crystals of methamphetamine, prompting them to take their investigation further.

After some verification, the investigators learned that a person, whose address is written on the box, contacted the administration of the building about a missing package.

So the police decided to repack the box and replace its contents with pieces of salt. They also put a GPS and an alarm in it.

So they decided to deliver the box to the address indicated and wait for the recipient to pick up the package.

It's is a 28-year-old woman named Jessica Geraghty who picked up the box. She was arrested.

A second person was also arrested: Ricardo Juaregui, 24.

Both are currently imprisoned at Sherburne Prison in the state of Minnesota.